Skills inventory

Knowing your skills, and your strong areas are essential if you want to succeed in life. The same goes for identifying your weakest areas as they have a tendency to interfere with your other skills. The weak areas hold us back and make us ineffective because we are often forced to waste time on unnecessary work.
What are your strongest skill areas?
What are your weakest skill areas?
What key skills do you lack that are essential for your success?


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7 responses to “Skills inventory

  1. Ooh I’d have to have a good think about this one lol

  2. My lists are a bit lopsided. Can you guess which list is longer? 😦

  3. free penny press

    Great post because as I prepare to move to that new town, I am wondering how long will i want to keep doing my current job (yes, it transfers).. I need to re-look at my skill set..

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