Self-sabotaging beliefs are very common, and most people do it in certain areas of their lives. It might be relationships, money, weight issues or fear of success. Identify in what areas of your life you might be sabotaging for yourself, and make sure you are fully aware of your behaviour. Next step is to interrupt your old pattern by saying STOP, and at the same time holding up a stop sign every time your self-sabotaging beliefs makes an appearance. It can be a stop sign that you see in your mind, or you can make one yourself and actually hold it up physically. Ask yourself: what do I get out of self-sabotaging for myself, and do I really, really want to do it? You don’t need to analyse why you do it, but you need to break your pattern before you have had the chance to sabotage for yourself. Don’t worry if it takes a few times before it works, practise make perfect. //Marianne

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8 responses to “Self-sabotaging

  1. great advice, amiga! goodnight! zzzzzzz

  2. I am going to get me a picture of one of those stop signs and add it to my wall. i am my own worse enemy.

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