What would you like to learn today?



16 responses to “Learning

  1. how to accept my limitations whilst pushing the boundaries to see how far they will go

  2. The picture is really nice. I am looking at it big and up close. The grass, the mud, the leaves, the bark of the tree, the boy having fun and looking carefree.
    Perhaps…learn how to relax and have fun in your own surroundings….whatever and wherever you are. Learn how to enjoy and see things that you never thought to look at before. The plain and simple things of life.

  3. I’m going to be mostly writing today, which for me usyally leads to learning more about myself. A good topic, I think. ; )

  4. How to paint snow.

    • How do you do that? It’s snowing a lot in Sweden right now and I am very happy that I am in Fiji instead, :).

      • That’s what I’m about to begin my journey, to find out how. Right after I finish a landscape painting that I’m working on.

      • Mary, good luck! I always get great answers when I paint, on the other hand I am not an accomplish painter you like. My paintings are very simple… :).

      • Well thank you for the compliment, but I’m not that accomplished. Actually I’m really bungling a landscape that I’m doing now – taking far too long for what will probably be quite a disappointment. But then one never knows – I just don’t have a good feeling about how this will turn out. Thanks Marianne – much appreciated your comment.

      • Mary, I’m sure you’re much better than you think, :).

  5. it’s evening, so i will apply this for tomorrow; hmmm. i would really like to learn how to make four holes in a wooden plank to make a swing without using a power drill! so far the only solution is a hammer and chisel – not exactly what i would like to do, but i would like to get the swing up before friday!

    🙂 z

    • What a fantastic thing you’ve chosen to learn more about. I would like to learn about being patient when it comes to WP. I’m about to break up with them. Once again it has taken me forever to post a post. It’s not an Internet connection it’s WP constantly changing their settings etc, :(. I prefer hanging out with me friends…

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