Trouble in paradise

WordPress is giving me a lot of problems at the moment, and Fiji life has to be postponed until I can attach photos again. How do you react when the technology is not working and give you a lot of extra work; angry, irritated or do you just move on to a new task? //Marianne


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20 responses to “Trouble in paradise

  1. free penny press

    Grr word press was acting up for me too last week.. I have to admit I stress a bit but after a short while, just move along. if I can’t control it, no sense worrying..

  2. Very wisely written, I agree.:-)
    Take care. All wil be well.

  3. Way too stressful – so sorry to hear what’s happening.

  4. when i moved to Costa Rica 12 years ago, the closest internet/cyber cafe was an hour’s drive away on 4-wheel drive roads. although i now have internet in my home here in ecuador, it is usually brutally slow here in the country; – last night a 3-minute youtube never finished loading! sometimes very late at night, the service improves. even though it’s been twelve years, i still get frustrated. i remind myself that i could still be driving for over an hour or by bus for several hours just to send an email! as the locals there about the history of their internet, and i’m sure they will share some interesting stories!

    i’m not too crazy about the new system for uploading photos on wordpress. seeing the photos as square thumbnails does not help me much when i am trying to find one particular photo from my online WP image library.

    you certainly have partners in your suffering! i’m about to work on a post, so i’ll soon find out how the upload option is going today! as for your lack of image, have you tried using an ‘old’ image from your archives?

    hang in there!

    • I’ve tried everything and it didn’t work. Today I could upload a small picture but not a big, and colorful one. I gave up after about 3 hours, the Internet connection is just fine – no problem there. I remember the beginning of Internet – everybody thought it was so fast… :). I am not sure I would be able to handle slow connection like you have, I would probably only use it for emails once a month…

      • WP should warn us when changes are made and ask for feedback after we’ve tested the options! i was able to upload yesterday, but at times it just stuck there for a long time and did nothing. i x’d it off and tried again, and it worked. that happened three or four times, but the second attempt always went through. if i get impatient, i’ll have to remind myself that i COULD be over there!

        is there anyone you can email the images to, and ask them to upload them to your post? after he/she uploads the image, then you could work on the final edit! there’s a lot of trust/security to ponder to do that, but you could hobble along as a tag team!

        i have always had trouble streaming a short youtube video.. after forty or so seconds, it usually halts, depending on the time of day. a long video is a joke to try to watch in its entirety. last night i did some troubleshooting, and many people have the same problem. one guy shared what finally worked for him: he switched to explorer!

        tah-dah! worked much better for me! it did not play entirely but almost reached the end!


      • Lisa, thanks for all your advice – I really appreciate it! I’m working on different solutions, I guess I must be patient which is my big weakness… :).

      • lots of people are having trouble! Z

      • I’m not surprised… :).

  5. Most of the time, I take it as a sign that I should spend more time knitting. ; ) (That actually is part of my work, a nice balance for all the computer-related business.)

  6. The sad thing is that technology is so important to everything that getting it back up and running always seems like the most important thing to do…even if it isn’t.

  7. This happens everyday at school, and since the motto is NO EXCUSES, well not even not having internet will get usnout of doing the days work so the first thing a told my students was: always have a backup, put together a plan B just as nice and well done as Plan A was, because with technology you never know….and just the other day while working in the teachers’ lounge, the internet signal was VEEEEEERYYYYY slooooooow, so I turned to the computer teacher and asked: is the internet slow or am I in a hurry? To which he answered: BOTH…a funny wake up call, it made me laugh…big hug Marianne

  8. Marianne, It can be very frustrating and time consuming when things don’t work well.

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