Jump ahead

DSC_2599Imagine the end of your life. What are the three most important lessons you have learned, and why are they so important? //Marianne





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13 responses to “Jump ahead

  1. I often think about what will be the three most important things i will have taught my children

  2. 1. Patience is very important; if one has patience, one can control or temper negative reactions to most any situation. Patience keeps one grounded.

    2. Remember to say, ‘I love you – I care about you – You are important – You’ve taught me so much…Thank you” to the people who touch our lives. So many times we wait too late, and when they are gone, we have to deal with regret.

    3. We are all here to teach, and we are all here to learn, and we should help each other along the way. This points back to number one, and we should be patient with each other and remember that we are on different paths and have different learning curves!

    Btw, thank you, amiga, for your daily words of wisdom and counsel. My life is better because of your coaching.

    • Lisa, I love your list of wisdom and I agree with everything you say. Learning to be patient is one of my big lessons in life. It makes me very happy that I am able to help you, and others as it’s my vision, and goal. Thank you for everything you’re teaching me, you’re such a positive, and inspirational human being. And on top of that you’re an amazing painter! 🙂

      • i wish i could blow a bit of the patience magic in your direction.. it’s a very serene feeling when one realizes that most frustrations are not worth the effort.
        one thing that helps me is to ask myself, ‘will this matter in a day?… will this matter in a week?… in a month.. in a year?’
        a large percentage would vaporize in a day’s time.. but there are a few times when a year later, it still matters.
        your frustrations with WP are real and matter alot, but if there’s nothing you can do to make it better…… go for a walk on the beach!!!!
        🙂 Z

      • Lisa, I used to have zero patience when I was younger. It’s much better now even though I know it’s one of my weaknesses. Instead of going to the beach, Suva is a big city so it doesn’t really have any beaches I went to the market and bought fruit and veggies, :).

  3. Time flies even if you are not having fun, so CARPE DIEM! There’s someone infinitely wiser than I will ever be that has it all mapped out for me, so my plans are just suggestions that may or may not happen, have faith! All lessons are important but the ones learned the hard way will take you through life, embrace them! 🙂 Alexandra

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