Parental strategy


Visualise what sort of relationship you want with your children. It’s important to be realistic and forward thinking instead of hanging on to memories of them when they were younger. Instead of telling them what they cannot do, ask them for new solutions. Children and teenager are usually more open minded than adults, and have a more creative way of looking at life, and solving problems. I remember how my youngest niece once turned a jumper into a skirt; I thought it was a brilliant idea and I still don’t understand how she did it. Adults have a tendency to patronize and laugh at children’s problem solving, and that is a very arrogant attitude. Instead you should take them seriously because we can learn a lot from children, teenagers and young adults. Today’s challenge: listen and learn something from a child, or a teenager.  //Marianne


8 responses to “Parental strategy

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

    What a great insight…I so agree with you…my boys have been travelling with me to India since the younger son was 4 (now 16 and 14) and they have only ever seen the positive side of our travels…it gives you a whole new perspective on viewing the world ourselves 🙂

  2. That’s one of the reasons I’m a teacher…I teach to learn not only the academic, recently I asked them what was the most repeated phrase at their home and it was so surprising to read their responses specially because they openly discussed how those phrases made them feel: childish, lazy, angry, resentful; and sometimes as parents we just repeat “our” phrases to death thinking they aren’t listening or they don’t care… A young person’s view on life, though from a completely different perspective is equally egocentrical as a selfcentered adult’s view on life… So enlightening to listen to them…btw, I am not getting your blog updates in the mail, I have no idea why 😦 … alexandra

    • If people tell you all the time that you’re lazy, stupid etc you’ll eventually believe it’s true even if it isn’t. I wish grown ups would be a bit more careful with their communication, to everybody not only children. Hmm, I don’t know why you’ve a problem but I hope it’ll ok soon… :). The rain is pouring down in Suva, Fiji and I’m not sure how to get out of the house at the moment…

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