DSC_3431Love, fear, anger, curiosity, confidence and indifference are all emotional states. Every day we are going in and out of these different states of emotions. Pick one positive emotion and then focus on it for as long as you can. If your mind start drifting and you find it difficult to focus on a positive emotion, use a timer. Start with 15 minutes, and then add another 5-10 minutes every second day until you can focus at least 60 minutes on a positive emotion. When you can do that, you increase it to 90 minutes and before long you will be able to do it for hours. //Marianne


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6 responses to “Emotions

  1. that’s an hard one but it can be done

  2. This becomes much easier when I realize that, logically, I’d much prefer feeling good to feeling bad! It IS a choice!

  3. It takes the same energy to focus on negative feelings or thoughts that it takes to concentrate on the positive ones, so I choose the positive feelings.

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