IMG_2658Think of something you doubt. It might be true or it might not be true, you are not entire sure. What do you doubt, and why do you do it? //Marianne




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4 responses to “Doubting

  1. Sometimes I doubt my ability to fully live my life as ME, the real me, not some being who is only a sum of past e peri emceed and mistakes. I think doubt is actually good, because it reminds me to make conscious choices– not just go through each day on autopilot.

    • I love your comment to a very important question, because it’s full of valuable insight. When you find a way to live your life fully as YOU, it will be even better than it’s today, :).

  2. Hey! I'[m playing catch up today. Looks like the photo uploads are going better for you.
    I often meet people who are looking for property along the coastline. I hear and witness a few things that some developers do that might not be ethical, but i am not 100 percent sure – like using beach sand in the concrete construction or not having permits, etc. my dilemma is do i keep my mouth shut or do i inject that question of doubt and later find that i am wrong.

    what if i am right, and twenty years from now the house starts to crumble due to faulty construction methods? what if i am wrong, and the guy lost the sale, lost the client, and the house is ok. how does one know when to suggest caution and when to stay quiet?


    • Do NOT talk to me about the photo uploads… :). Good questions you’re asking, and questions we often face in life and we seldom know the answers to. I usually let my gut feeling guide me, but first I ask a lot of questions, :). Sometimes it works out alright and sometimes not, and that is ok as well.

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