DSC_0869Did you know that the worst kind of stress is the feeling that you have no control over the problem, that you are helpless? If it happens to you, take a step away from the problem and break it down to smaller sections. Put each section under a “spotlight ” and look at it from different angles. Does the problem look the same if you look at it from below, or from the side? What about from the above? It is important to remember that you seldom are helpless; it is just a feeling – nothing else. //Marianne

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17 responses to “Stress

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

    Feelings definitely make us “feel” a certain way about problems we may have…thank you for challenging us to look at it from a different perspective

  2. free penny press

    Hi there.. long time no chat hope all is well in the land of Fiji!!

    • Hi Lynne, all is well in Fiji but I’m working too much. It was meant to be the opposite, what happend…? We’re 12 hours ahead of Europe which means we are 18 hours ahead of Florida? The time difference is a bit confusing, and also a bit of a challenge as I often has to talk to people back in Sweden. I do get quite a few phone calls at 3 am, :). But I am very glad to be here, I love Fiji. I am also very happy to miss all the snow back home, the weather is terrible in Sweden at the moment. I hope everything is well with you! Will you move before Christmas?

  3. ¿y cuando el problema verdaderamente está fuera de nuestro control?, gracias por tus consejos Marianne

    • Veces tenemos que caminar lejos del problema, sobre todo si hay otras personas involucradas. = Sometimes we need to walk away from the problem, especially if there are other people involved.

  4. sometimes you just can’t

  5. Could it be that if the feeling persists after viewing the problem from different perspectives, that the problem causing it wasn’t meant to be solved by me?! 🙂 thanks, Alexandra

  6. Dealing with emotions that are uncontrollable is really hard.It takes time to relieve but you have to see the other side of it.Sometimes you need to find what makes you happy just to meditate your mind.

  7. Marianne—What I have learned from your December 2 – 8 posts is that if I begin every affirmation with “I and then your name . . .” and repeat it often enough, I can focus on things I want to happen. (“ I and then your name . . . I and then your name . . . I and then your name . . . want a Nikon D3200 camera before I die.”) While there’s trouble in paradise, though, I will have to sharpen every photo that comes off my point-and-shoot model before I can use it on my blog. If I jump ahead to just before I die, however, not having the equipment I think I need will have taught me to “make do,” bound to be one of the 3 most important life lessons I will have learned. Before I jump ahead quite that far, I need to focus (continuing the life/camera analogy) on my parental strategy, at least until my 20-something daughter can turn a jumper into a skirt and my 20-something son can turn a shotgun into a pistol. If I can focus (that motif again) on a positive emotion long enough, my children might even help each other with their “presto-chango” projects. (I doubt it, though, because my son can’t sew, and my daughter hates guns.) Finally, I can reduce the stressful feeling of having no control over my camera, end-of-life issues, and children’s craft projects if I put each area under a spotlight (perhaps a halogen work light) and look at them from different angles, as if floating around them. If I stop floating at the top of an arc, I can end up “high” instead of “helpless” and start a mantra of new affirmations: “ I and then your name . . . I and then your name . . . I and then your name . . .”

    • Dear John, I’ve missed you brilliant analyzes of my posts – this one is the best one so far! Ok, I say that every time but it really is, :). All I can say is: thank for making me laugh so much! And I hope Santa is extra nice to you this year… Midnight in Fiji, it’s now Thursday the 13th of December. A very special day in Sweden, today we celebrate Lucia.
      “Lucia — the bearer of light. Alongside Midsummer, the Lucia celebrations represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden, with their clear reference to life in the peasant communities of old: darkness and light, cold and warmth. Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters.

      The many Lucia songs all have the same theme:

      The night treads heavily
      around yards and dwellings
      In places unreached by sun,
      the shadows brood
      Into our dark house she comes,
      bearing lighted candles,
      Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia.

      All Swedes know the standard Lucia song by heart, and everyone can sing it, in or out of tune. On the morning of Lucia Day, the radio plays some rather more expert renderings, by school choirs or the like. The Lucia celebrations also include ginger snaps and sweet, saffron-flavoured buns (lussekatter) shaped like curled-up cats and with raisin eyes. You eat them with glögg or coffee. By Po Tidholm is a freelance journalist and a critic with the Stockholm daily, Dagens Nyheter”.

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