NMS_3849_2If I could be, do and have anything in the world, I would…  //Marianne






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14 responses to “Anything

  1. A cold front came through over night and I would settle for a new pair of slippers. 🙂
    I used to wish I had natural curly hair. Now I just wish my hair would stop falling out. 😦

    • this comment made me smile! what a beautiful person you must be to only want a new pair of slippers! i hope that the slipper fairy grants you your wish!
      when i was young, i had curly hair, which straightened as i grew older. of course when it was straight, i wished for some bounce in my style! now it’s straight in cold, dry weather and a bit wild on muggy days!
      your comment reminds us to be more like you, grateful for small things and to be happy with what we have!

    • Meme, in Fiji it’s hot, hot, hot :). I bet you would look really good in a very short haircut.

  2. the ‘could be and do’ part is exactly what i am and am doing with my life. if i could have anything, i would add about twenty acres of old-world growth around my home and ‘marry’ that life on the river with life in the jungle! it would be a teeny garden of eden!
    what would YOU like, oh wise teacher?

    • Lisa, I can easily visualize your teeny garden of eden, :). What about me, well I am afraid that’s a secret… Sorry, but I am bit gunshy when it comes to sharing what I want due to lots of bad experiences. Just the other day a couple of guys made fun of one of my goals. Normally I don’t care anymore but this time I got very upset. Right now I am in Fiji, and it’s the right place for me to be – for the moment. I might eventually send you an email and tell you a bit more about what I want, but not today… :). //Marianne
      Ps, thank you for asking

      • i can understand you being gunshy. sometimes if we tell people what we aspire to do and then don’t do it, they’re asking, ‘what about that… you wanted to do?”’

        remember the quote, ‘people who say it cannot be done should not interfere with those who are doing it!’

        how DARE someone insult you! there are some very insensitive people in this world, and they help us appreciate the nice ones!


      • Lisa, I really, really appreciate your kind words. Most of times I don’t care but sometimes I get very, very upset :(. I know why people do it, but I don’t understand why they do it to people who are kind to them… Never mind, like you say it makes me appreciate the nice ones so much more. Nice people like YOU! Amiga, mucho gracias! :).

  3. Just heard this on NPR this weekend. It was part of Garrison Keillor’s salutation to his listeners, which I’ve paraphrased, “…Hold on to what you have…not what you think you are missing…” Indeed….

    • When we get stuck in “If I only had…” we create a lot of problems for ourselves – like never being happy with what we have. Thank you for sharing this great advice, :).

  4. Even if I don’t always know how I would answer your questions right at the moment, you always give me a lot to think about. Thanks!

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