My success

DSC_4088What needs to happen for you to feel that you have succeeded? For you to say: now I have succeeded. By the way, did you know that Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he lacked good creative ideas? //Marianne

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13 responses to “My success

  1. You make my day(s)……
    Smiling here…..

  2. i think that we change criteria for ‘success’ as we evolve; when i was younger, it was important to be paid well for what i i did, no matter what the job. to have approval from others was important as well, and i received that in many forms -hospitality industry, bookkeeping, public speaking, illustration, and even gardening and historic preservation.

    now that i’m ‘older,’ i realize that it’s not about money, but about feeling grounded and complete, which makes one happy. having the strength to follow one’s voice and not what others think will often inject self doubt. when people nudged me towards the restaurant business, or real estate, or other options that i did well, i would say, ‘i don’t think that’s why i’m on this planet – to help others enjoy a meal or enjoy a vacation or to buy a dream home…’ i always felt my best when alone in nature and working on my art in solitude. (artists often baffle most people!)

    hearing the gasps when people first enter the museum gallery tells me that i’ve succeeded, sometimes to my disbelief! people have always liked my work, but the public reaction to this new style still amazes me. i watch people step into the gallery and absorb the show; with mouths agape, they peer closer and walk (one woman ran!) in circles in wonder.

    witnessing that is the ultimate reward for believing in myself. yes, the road was an arduous one, but it’s those detours and back roads that form us into successful people!


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  4. Love your blog ! I have an award for you at my place. Please stop by and check it out ! Bella

  5. When Walt Disney understood how to be successful, hired very creative people to do it for him.

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