Super powers

DSC_4272“When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve”, Napoleon. As soon as I have my super human powers back I am going to tell you about the man who makes me laugh. Right now I’m filling my body with lots of C-vitamins, going to be bed early and hope both cyclone Evan and my sore throat will be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow. //Marianne

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24 responses to “Super powers

  1. Espero que así sea!!, porque tengo muchos deseos para este nuevo año que entra, espero que te recuperes, y te levantes muy muy bien, besos Marianne

    • Manoli, gracias por preocuparse, estoy bien de nuevo :). También nos dieron el poder de nuevo hace aproximadamente una hora después de que un ciclón tropical golpeó Fiji ayer… = Manoli, thank you for caring, I am fine again :). We also got the power back about an hour ago after a tropical cyclone hit Fiji yesterday…

  2. Just looked up Evan. Didn’t look good. Hope you are safe.

    • Meme, we’re fine in Suva. Only lost the power for about 36 hours, but other parts of the country has been hit badly. Only got power back about an hour ago so I don’t know all the details yet.

  3. Amiga! Your time in Fiji has been colorful! I hope that you ride out the storm and remain safe. We look forward to reports that you tapped into your super powers and are well and safe.

    • Lisa, I could write a novel about everything I’ve seen and done in Fiji, :). This is an amazing country, with or without cyclones… Got the power back about 2 hours ago. Suva is ok, but other parts of the country has been hit very badly, :(.

      • I’ve scanned the headlines several times today and there’s no mention of it. I’m glad you’re ok but sad to know that there’s sadness there.

      • Lisa, Fiji is a small country and papers seldom write about it outside of the Pacifics. It seems we all have been very lucky even if it will take a long time in some parts of the country before life goes back to normal. One of the more popular islands has said today that it can’t accept any bookings until March because of the cyclone, :(. Ok, bedtime in the Pacifics… :). I hope everything is well with you!

      • Correction about the Island, they are closed until the end of March… :(.

  4. Sending you lots of good health (and weather) energy!! Take care!

  5. Let us know….!
    Take care…

  6. Good luck with that never worked for me. You could gargling with a cap of distilled witch hazel in an egg cup of warm water, works for me.

    • Beverley, you’re very funny :). It turned out that being sick in 30 degrees celsius with no power makes you get well very quickly. I’ve been sweating a lot, for awhile it felt like I was burning up so I went outside and let the cyclone cool me off… :).

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