In 3 years I will….

DSC_2619If you continue to think and do what you are doing right now, what do you think your life will look like in 3 year’s time?





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17 responses to “In 3 years I will….

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

    I am thinking about how I’d like my life to look in three years 🙂 and what are the changes I need to make to ensure it does look like that in three years…

  2. exactly the same – not what i would like at all 🙂

  3. Well, I am a big self-prover – or self-improver – so my life will be very different in 3 years time in a positive way. But I have to keep going on the track that I am following otherwise I’ll stay the same and I won’t let that happen (and neither will hubby – he sure challenges me!).

    Since 3 years ago I have grown so much, so I guess I will grow as much in another 3 years….. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  4. Marianne, you are such a professional! A cyclone is bearing down on you right now, and you still have time to keep coaching us!
    I agree with Imogen; I have grown much in three years. Mola textiles had not yet triggered my new style (A stained-glass painting! was incubating!)

    When I ponder all that has happened in the past three years, I look forward to another three year of growth and surprises. In three years I will have finished my next serious exhibition, one that the mola series inspired. I will have spent many hours in museums on their ‘closed to the public’ days, and who knows what surprises await me that will trump those that are planned!

    The next three years are like a journal of blank pages. I have the creative freedom to write whatever I want on those pages!

    • Cyclones, fever, no power – I’ll always find a way to coach you :). What amazing goals you’ve set for yourself for the next 3 years! And you’re absolutely right, the next three years are like a journal of blank pages, you can write whatever you want on those pages… :).

  5. I would be very happy (and lucky, and hard-working) girl…thankful to have held on for three more years to the beautiful things and people I have in my life right now.

    Of course I would like to have grown three more seasons of yummy vegetables! And I would love my blueberry bushes to be more fruitful! I would hope my children grow on the inside (but not so much on the outside because they’re clothes are getting EXPENSIVE!).

    But three more years of THIS!? It’s an exciting though indeed.

    • The fastest, and easiest way to reach all this is to set goals. That way you’re in control. Except for your children’s physical growing, :). In fact, it applies to everything that grows, blueberry bushes can be very difficult to control…

  6. Yo debo cambiar muchas cosas, hoy no puedo pensar a tan largo tiempo, hoy solo puedo pensar en mi presente, por las cosas que han ocurrido ultimamente no me es posible, pero esto me ha hecho pensar en que si no cambio……………, ¡debo empezar a cambiar ya!, besos

  7. Another good reminder– thank you! What I’m thinking about now is active creating my future, 3 minutes or 3 years from now. Makes a good case for increasing awareness of my thoughts!

  8. I keep on growing, but for next year my business plan looks very different to allow myself a more important jump into the future.

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