Fearless contra fear

IMG_3173What is your biggest fear when you think of the year ahead of you, when you think of 2013?//Marianne


13 responses to “Fearless contra fear

  1. I worry about this every day – several times a day – does it help to keep remembering, defining it?

    • I’m not sure what you worry about. Do you worry about you being worried? I need some more info… :).

      • Marianne, I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have posted that comment! Big changes afoot and of course, i’m concerned – it’s natural. 🙂

      • You have nothing to apologize for, it’s me who is a bit unsure about what you mean. Just remember that worrying before anything has happend is very tiring, and time consuming. Always assume success, and at the same time – always be ready to solve any problem that might arise, :).

      • I’m usually optimistic – over optimistic, my mother used to say. Somehow as I get older, and my options begin to decrease, it seems I have less control and that seems to be making me worry about how things will turn out. I’m not lying awake at night (not often) but the concern is there every time I check the real estate listings for my proposed new hometown – will there be somewhere I can afford in a good location? How long will it take me to find somewhere to live? How should I handle it? All that sort of thing. It’s only momentary – but it keeps arising and so I know I’m not ready to move yet because I haven’t resolved the questions, or devised plans B and C.

        You’re right – it’s tiring and time consuming – but it is a spur to come up with the alternatives 🙂

      • Now I understand, and I think you’re a very wise human being who’s aware of why you worry. At the same time you realize that you’re not ready to move yet because you haven’t solved all the problems/challenges you’re facing. You should be proud of yourself!

      • Thanks Marianne – not proud, perhaps, but comfortable and having ‘talked’ it out with the wall, so to speak, feel fine about a bit of worry. Best wishes for 2013 🙂

  2. I always worry about my children. They are grown and have good jobs. They are my joy and my thorns.

  3. i don’t fear anything.. is that wrong? whatever hurdles life might place in front of me, i plan to figure out how to clear them.. if i don’t know how, i’ll find new answers, which helps in our personal growth.


  4. Complacency. It’s a challenge for me almost on a daily basis. I’m always attempting to accomplishing more. BTW, it’s not that I don’t stop and smell the roses (and tulips) along the way, I do.

    Every year that I get older though, I’m a year closer to the completion date, and I just don’t want to arrive there and feel that I let myself, and others, down.

    Marianne, thank you for your continual words of wisdom and your continued camaraderie. I wish for you in 2013 abundance, happiness, …and love!

    Happy New Year from across the pond. 🙂 ~Paul

    • Paul, I am sorry for the delay in answering your wonderful comment. WordPress likes to challenge me sometimes, and not let me use all the functions, :). During 2012 I’ve met so many wonderful people, and you’re one of them. I enjoy reading your blog, and your feedback. I often think about them, and how I can use them in my life. I wish you, and your family peace, happiness and abundance for 2013. Happy New Year! 🙂 // Marianne

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