Food poisoning


I have a very bad case of food poisoning, and it has got me thinking about toxic thoughts. When we are not paying attention it is very easy for negative thoughts to wriggle their way into our lives. Sometimes it is other people who convince us that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough or not thin enough to be good enough. Don’t believe in them, the only reason they are putting you down is because of their own low self-esteem. Their behaviour is not acceptable, and the best thing you can do is to cut them out of your life. People who like you, who love you and who respects you will always think that you are good enough. They have no desire to change you. What is even worse than other people putting you down, are your own destructive thoughts about yourself. Most of the time we are our worst enemy. We let our negative thoughts and feelings dictate our lives 24/7. Can you see how crazy that is? Negative thoughts have a tendency to kidnap our body, and mind so be on your guard and don’t let them through your fence. The best way to keep them out of your mind is to question their truth, and also to just say no. Easy? It is easy, if you practise every day to say no thank you – one day at the time. Food poisoning is destroying my holiday, but poisons thoughts can destroy an entire life. And that is not good enough. //Marianne


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  1. So sorry to hear of your ill health while on holiday. I hope you’re on the mend and will soon be back in top form. Take care.

    • Thank you John! How is life in Chicago, cold?

      • Right now the temperature is hovering around freezing, 0˚ C, but it will grow colder as January progresses. Considering the havoc and suffering bad weather has caused recently, we’ve nothing to complain about. This is Chicago. It is supposed to be cold in the Winter. 🙂
        I do hope you’re feeling better soon, Marianne.

      • John, it seems Chicago has the same weather as Sweden. That’s why so many Swedes ended up there, and in Minnesota once upon a time a long time ago … :).

  2. Fint sagt och så viktigt! Det är så lätt att fastna i fel tankesnurra.
    Krya på dig, god fortsättning och gott nytt år! Tack för alla fina tankar och påminnelser om vad som egentligen är viktigt!

  3. Maybe your food poisoning was meant to be. It gave you something to write about and us
    a lot to think about. lol

    Sometimes I eat something and know it is bad for me but yet keep taking another bite and suffer the consequences.
    Sometimes I am with friends/acquaintances that I know are perhaps a bit unsavory and I suffer the consequences.

    Going to take your advice and push my chair back from the table.

    Hope you are beginning to feel better and can enjoy your holiday!

    • I’m sure it was meant to be, and I don’t mind – at least not much… :). Nothing have tasted strange, and I’ve eaten food that has been dodgy while I’ve been here without getting sick – go figure… Life is a mystery, :).

  4. Hope you feel better quickly!

  5. there should be guayava trees there; make a strong tea from the leaves and small fruits (if available).. a strong tea with the leaves should make a huge difference after a few hours of drinking that tea… if so, keep drinking it. it acts as a dessicant, antispasmodic and is a mild antibiotic. i have only seen it fail once, and that person was squeamish and only took sips every so often.

    your post is a really good one. our hardest part is walking away from those toxic people if they are in our families. it’s so hard; it’s happened to me in the past, and it’s happened to friends of mine. we know in our minds what is best for us, but our psyches have trouble letting go. we keep looking back, which of course is unhealthy.

    thanks amiga. i agree, it’s horrid that you’re suffering, but it prompted an exceptional post!

    get well pronto!


    • Lisa, thank you for your wonderful tip on how to get well. Unfortunately I’ve not had any luck in finding guayava yet but I’m not giving up… Thank you for your comment about walking away from toxic family members, something that is very hard but sometimes very necessary.

      • that tree HAS to be growing in your area! Show the google image to some locals, as it’s probably called another name over there.

        As for the’toxic family,’ there are a lot of people suffering/hurting right now from that problem. perhaps the holidays bring that pain to the table and reopens the wound?

      • I’m seeing a friend in a couple of days. I’ll ask her… This time of the year does reopen a lot of wounds. I’m very lucky that I’ve a wonderful family, but sometimes I think I’m the odd one which is strange. It should be the other way around…

  6. Recovery is slow after a bad bout of food poisoning…as well as “mental” poisoning of the soul. I’m so sorry to hear you are ill and am hoping you are on the mend. We all must “do better” this coming year…it would speak well of…not only our resilience but our resolve. Be well.

  7. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. All this hits very close to home for me; thank you for the reminder to be aware of toxic thinking, so that I can catch it and change it before it causes more damage. And I hope you are fully and rapidly restored to health! Happy New Year!!

  9. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    I hope you have a speedy recovery Marianne.
    People are constantly bombarded with negative news, images, programmes and opinions from others.
    It is hard for us optimistic people to stay positive but we have to keep our mental blinkers on to keep focused and ignore the negativity. 🙂

  10. I’m so sorry for you – I’ve had food poisoning, so I know how awful it feels. To have it happen on your vacation makes it worse. Sending thoughts and energy for a speedy recovery.
    Excellent post, as always.

  11. I could not reply to your comment above, Marianne …
    You are right about the Swedes coming to this area. In fact, prior to living here, I lived in a neighborhood of Chicago known as Andersonville. It was once heavily populated by Swedes and some still live there. You can also find a few restaurants, a small museum, and business left from that time. A few of my neighbors lived in homes that had been in the families for generations.

  12. Marianne, I do hope you are better…drink lots of fluids…spearmint tea is also good for gastro-infections…The guayaba tree that Zee mentions could be the guava tree…big hug from my very cold hometown, alexandra

    • Alexandra, I’ve now given up any hope of partying tonight and that’s ok. I’ll be sitting on my balcony looking at the ocean (as soon as it stops raining) and drink peppermint leaves that I just found in my room. Not the new years eve I had imagined but I still think life is good, :). Thank you for the tip about the spearmint, and I hope peppermint works as well. I’ve already started to drink it… Hug from a rainy but warm Fiji //Marianne

  13. Marianne–Because of the holidays I have JUST now opened the Dec. 29th digest of your posts. I hope you are back to normal. I’d REALLY worry if your posts had stopped on this day. I wanted to send you another summary before I have cataract surgery tomorrow.

    What I have learned from your Dec. 30 – Jan. 5 posts is that if someone says “bula vinaka,” I should smile and maybe even fall in love with him/her even though I have no idea what it means. If this happens on New Years Day I should avoid making resolutions and reflect on the days of my life prior to getting the above greeting. I can promise myself to have a great year and maybe even keep that promise if I avoid wrong, stupid, and perhaps even silly decisions about my desired life. I dare not put this off, or I might reach my expiration date. So I must look ahead and analyze what works in the 15-30 min before I go to bed tonight. If I do all these things I will get better and better, as I hope my friend Marianne has after eating something a little “off.”

    • John, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your family. And I hope you had a successful surgery, I’m thinking of you! I can’t stop giggling, your latest analyze of my posts are hysterical funny, :). I am going to email your comment to a bunch of friends; they will love your sense of humour. Thank you my friend! Get well soon!!! 🙂

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