Look ahead


Analyze what is good and what you want to improve because all progress is based on what works, not on problems. When something has gone well, analyse it and put your recipe for success on your desk so you can read it every day.

Dear friends, I’ve problems posting my daily posts, I’ve problems uploading photos, and I’ve problems answering your comments. I don’t know how to solve this at the moment, but I hope it will be solved quickly. Soto tale! //Marianne


10 responses to “Look ahead

  1. Hang in there Marianne, it will get sorted I hope, maybe a call to wordpress contact might be the go, but think you have already tried that.
    Keep smiling girl

    • Ian, I am a smiling kind of person but some days it’s a bit harder… :). I think my Wp problems have been fixed for this time – keep your fingers crossed…

  2. Happy New Year honey, I’m sure it will be sorted soon!

  3. living in paradise has its unique set of problems! my upload function works well sometimes and sometimes it’s a painful process. sometimes i will upload multiple images and walk away to complete a task elsewhere in the house or garden! when i return, either they have all uploaded, or some of them have uploaded, or there’s an ugly error message that says it did not work.

    sometimes my comments swirl round and round and round until they’re dizzy, then they either kick back to an error message or they complete their mission. i thought it was my slow connection, but perhaps wordpress has some growing pains. when one thinks of the volume of people that use wordpress, i don’t see how it works as well as it does!

    today i’ll be working in the fence, a task that challenges my physical strength and dexterity while stringing teh wire, but attaching each strip of split bamboo becomes a zen-kind of activity. that’s a good balance to frustrations on wordpress!

    on a different note, you’re wearing mosquito repellent? malaria and dengue are not pretty illnesses, and with the tropical weather…… stay on the offensive with those precautions!

    happy new year!


    • Lisa, I think it’s WordPress because I’ve had excellent Internet connection the whole time on Fiji except when the cyclone hit us. One of my goals for 2013 is to not let WordPress problems affect me. I seldom get upset about things like this, but I’ve noticed I get frustrated and it’s silly so I’ve stopped wasting energy on it. I can imagine working on your fence is a great way of getting rid of your frustration. My personal trainer introduced me to boxing in November, and I love it. It’s a great way of getting rid of frustrations, :). But I haven’t seen him since X-mas because I am now working in Auckland, New Zealand for a while.

      I had a terrible food poisoning for about 8 days which is unusual. I think it started out as a regual food poison and turned into something else. Lots of people were still without water and electricity when I left a few days ago, and that has a tendency to spread bacteria we’re not used to. Several islands, and villages have had problems with illness after the cyclone. And I am used to eat everything without getting sick. The day after I came to NZ I was well again… Bedtime, I am still 12 hours ahead of Europe which means I am how many hours ahead of Ecuador? Take care my friend! // Marianne

  4. Keep calm and blog on Marianne 🙂 don’t let it get to you or affect your momentum…we’re here!!! Big hug, Alexandra

  5. Marianne with a problem……who would think it?
    Teasing you of course. We are all thinking positive thoughts for you and know it will be solved in due time.

    • Meme, you’re so funny! People, and this includes my family are always surprised when I say I’ve a problem, or if I am upset/sad or angry. That in turn always surprises me, every time… :).

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