DSC_4710Habits are what make you. If you do something consistently it becomes part of you, whether it is a positive or a negative practise. A good idea is to create one positive habit for each month during 2013, which will give you a lifetime of effective routines that will help you in your daily life. What new positive habit do you want to create in January? //Marianne


15 responses to “Habits

  1. practice what i preach, more consistency in my meditation, yoga practices and in eating good food and stop spending money unnecessarily.

  2. I would love to pray each morning after I wake up.. I have a special carpet for that you know what muslim people use, but sometimes I’m so lazy to take it out so I’m just sitting on a bed and praying from my heart. But I would like to do it in proper way πŸ™‚

  3. Get rid of procrastination would be a nice one. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. I would like to make a habit of getting into a better routine. I know that sounds like the same thing you are suggesting. But it is a bit different. I am so bad about putting off little chores. I think I need a daily routine habit. One that includes: I can not get on the computer until I have said good morning to my husband.

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  6. “Don’t complain, just DO! ” that is the phrase I am repeating to myself, to my children and rephrasing it to sound less instruction and more comment when I feel my husband needs to change his ways…I hope it becomes a habit during January and a part of daily life in the future… πŸ™‚ Alexandra

    • Alexandra, you can never change another person so you might as well give up that thought immediately, :). But, you can be a good role model, and you can do this exercise both as individuals and together as a couple, :). Good luck!

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