Do you know your true passions? Or are you stuck with old ones that might not fit in with your life today? As we grow mentally and emotionally our passions hopefully grows as well, but sometimes we get stuck in “yesterday”. Our passion suddenly feels tired and lifeless. If that is the case it might be time to shift your focus to something else, or maybe you have to adjust them a bit. Take your passions to a higher, and improved level. It is important to be passionate about things in life, as it gives our lives meaning and it is also very contagious. Passion creates more passions. The best way to find what you are passionate about is to experience different things, give them a chance and then evaluate. That is actually the only way to find out if you are passionate about something. What would you like to try today that might be tomorrow’s passion? //Marianne


16 responses to “Passions

  1. Excellent advice Marianne, think I need a good boost of enthusiasm at the moment, my writing is growing stale and I need to broaden my horizons

  2. I just now — really just now—responded to a blogger and we were talking about passion for something. Hers was for anything artistic. Then I read your post about it. I think I better get busy and get passionate for something…anything. Give me some suggestions. 🙂

    • Meme, normally I don’t suggest anything because it’s my role to ask you questions, and it’s your role to find the answers, :). But it’s in the middle of the night in Auckland, New Zealand (I’m temporarily working here, but will go back to Fiji in February/March again) so I am going to help you out. Running, gourmet cooking, inner city gardens (on the roofs, walls, mini gardens on the pavement), painting, writing, volonteer work, fixing old broken cameras…

      It could also be another thousand things that you have not tried yet, or just tried once or twice. Sometimes it takes a little time before we like something, like jogging for example… Personally I would like to do a wine course where you learn everything about winemaking, and learn to sail (I used to sail as a child but I was always a bit afraid then). Now, I’ve to go to bed… :). Looking forward to hear about your progress. Sunshine from New Zealand, Marianne

      • I wrote something in response to a blogger a few days ago. I got a return commenting about my passion for the subject. lol There may be hope for me.

        Now, I’m going back and read what I said that I was passionate about. 🙂

      • Meme, feel free to tell me as well, :). And you’re a fantastic human being!

      • Thank you! What a great start to my day readig that.

        I think the passion that I wrote about was about not being wasteful such as with food or resources. No matter how much or how little you have, use it wisely.

      • Meme, glad you had a great start to your day yesterday – let us have great start today as well, :). I am with you when it comes to throw away food, resources and kindness. And love…

  3. fixing old broken cameras! that one made me smile! i have a pair of binoculars that i’m tempted to take apart to see if i can repair! if i close one eye, they are fine, so i don’t want to risk breaking them more!

    i think i have the opposite ‘curse’ of having so many passions, it’s hard to know which one to pursue and which one to ignore. that helps, as each day i have many options for my crative side.. we’re getting lots of rain, so gardening is not a good choice, though i am benefitting from the gardening with fresh mint, hibiscus, cut flowers…. so i cook.. or i read.. or i draw. or i paint (!) or fish or watch birds or work on wordpress!

    • Lisa, I’m sure you’ll be able to repair your binoculars, :). To many passions, yes that can be a problem as well. On the other hand, do you believe you’ve a problem?

      Ps, I can’t comment on your blog but I can read it and that makes me happy because I love your blog, :).

      • no, i really don’t see that as a problem.. i see it as a huge gift from the universe, and i feel very blessed. boredom is not in my vocabulary, and i marvel when i meet someone who seems quite lost without someone to show them the way.
        just knowing you’re out there is enough for me, my friend. i have been having trouble commenting on many blogs, though i thought it was due to my sluggish internet. the drop down notiifcation bar on the ‘stats’ page will never show me the comments, though the drop down on any other page will, thank goodness! replying to those often bounces back with an error message, so frustrating!
        enjoy your time in the warmer climates! hope you’ve adjusted to the heat!

      • Lisa, I never thought that you had a problem with too many passions. On the other hand, I didn’t want to take anything for granted, :). I am glad to hear that you know I read your posts, even if it’s difficult for me to comment them. Have a nice Monday! (It’s soon Tuesday in NZ, and I am still freezing. The climate is lovely, it’s the heat in Fiji that makes me freeze here…).

  4. Thank you for this confirmation. I love this blog!!! 🙂

  5. Tengo dos pasiones grandes la fotografía y poder trabajar viajando fotografiándolo todo, y aunque a la primera me dedico la segunda creo que nunca podrá ser, con 42 años a lo mejor es un poco tarde, pero seguiré esperando a ver que pasa, ¡magnífico post Marianne!

    • Manoli, gracias por su comentario, y recuerde que la pasión no tiene límite de edad, :). = Thank you for your wonderful comment, and remember that passion has no age limit, :).

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