DSC_4632Happiness is a contagious emotion, and it is a state of mind. Identify your three happiest friends and ask them why they are happy. Let them give you at least seven reasons for their happiness. Study their answers, they might surprise you and see which ones you can apply in your own life. //Marianne


8 responses to “Study

  1. It is amazing why, people are happy yet, with all of that, others tell you of their unhappiness. Perhaps the unhappy have not bothered to study the happy as they are immersed, and focused only on what makes them unhappy.

    • Dave, I agree with you. People seem to love to focus on what makes them unhappy, some people even seem to take great pride in being negative in every situation. I’ve friends who gets mad at me when I tell them to focus on what is actually working in their lives. We’ve known each other for a very long time, and I’ve told them it’s my life’s mission to make them see the “light”, namely happiness, :).

  2. I like this, because we are usually a lot better at giving reasons for unhappiness rather than for happiness. We need to teach ourselves to recognize happines, and let it too be part of our conscious day.

  3. I wrote about happiness yesterday and i didn’t see your blog till today 🙂

    • Beverley, I saw your post about happiness and it was brilliant! I read most of your post and I am sorry that I seldom comment, and the reason for that is that I normally blog after work. By then my eyes are so tired I have trouble seeing what I write because of my lazy eye. It makes the text jump around, and it usually makes me laugh because it looks like a disco. I hope I make some sense, if not… :).

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