Visualise part one


Our brains cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. This explains why it is so powerful to visualise your future, to see and experience the future before it has happened. You can mentally prepare yourself to succeed in various situations by visualising your success beforehand. This is done in a relaxed environment where you use as many senses as possible to create mental pictures, thoughts and feelings that will lead and guide you in the future. Our memories of the future are stored in our brains and thereby create an inner motivation to help us reach our goals. //Marianne


8 responses to “Visualise part one

  1. I completely agree and wrote a post about this called “What Happens to a Dream Undreamed” I believe that many of my students had difficulty doing well in school and consequently in life because they had no dreams or at least no positive ones.

    • This is so true, people who don’t have positive dreams and positive mental pictures actually do perform better. I’m looking forward to read your post, tomorrow. It’s in the middle of the night in Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. interesting, i shall try that one

  3. Maybe that is why dreams can actually be a collection of imaginations coming together to see into the future, interpreting a dream is really a positive way of predicting your future.
    Just my own thoughts on the subject.

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