Three questions for you to ponder over when you have some free time during your day. Make sure that you write down your answers otherwise it will be hard to do the necessary changes. If it is not written down, it will be difficult to remember everything, and you might miss a fantastic solution because of that. Are you doing things you do not want to do, day in and day out? Why do you do it? When are you going to stop doing things that you do not want to do? //Marianne


13 responses to “Doing…

  1. No! Not unless you count the cleaning, the cooking and the washing up and the paying bills. Some days i take a day off from them too 🙂

  2. marianne probably won’t let us count those things. lol But I am with you.

    That makes two against one. 🙂

  3. I love your blog and advice, it’s always spot-on and timely. You make me think and consider options. I look forward to your blog and wanted to share with others. I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award. Congratulations, the details are here

  4. Making my list….checking it twice…!

  5. 1.- YES!; 2.- stupid habit, I guess; 3.- when I decide to, but first I need to find that special something to substitute IT with… 😦 darn it

    • Alexandra, skip the substitute unless it’s something really amazing, :). Instead – take your first step today, it doesn’t matter if it’s a “baby” step, as long as it’s a step. Good luck! //Marianne

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