In order to be successful it is essential to have a positive self-image. This is all about how you see yourself, how you value yourself and the feelings you have when you think about yourself. Our inner dialogue is also an important part of our self-image. A first step to improving this could be by asking; ‘How do I see myself?’ //Marianne


8 responses to “Self-image

  1. The other day I was in the library and was looking to read a biography. Don’t check out too many as I love mysteries.
    And I thought …. what if someone were to write my biography lol

    And I thought….they haven’t a clue.

    And I thought… I really have a clue about myself?
    Then I read this post. I will have to give some more thought. 🙂

  2. Just one more…practice, practice, practice moment(s).

    • The great think about mental training is that you can do while you do other things. Getting ready for work, driving, grocery shopping, exercising etc… :).

  3. It’s taken me a long time to stop seeing myself in a negative way and to learn to accept and love myself for who I am.
    Thank you for your lovely post!

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