Live in the moment


Too many people have a tendency to live either in the past, or in the future and forget about the most important place: the present. We regret our past, and worry about our future. The Fijians are very good at living in the present, and they have a saying: it is not a problem until it has happened. This is very smart thinking, and it is also true. Living in the moment means we give ourselves a chance to live our lives as it should be lived, enjoying and appreciating every giving moment. Be smart, and give yourself the chance to be present, and always focus on what you are doing. If you think it is hard, start small and let your first challenge be your dinner; focus on the ingredients, how it taste, looks and makes your feel. //Marianne


15 responses to “Live in the moment

  1. hey amiga
    of course i agree with this concept, though this week the internet problems have had me questioning, ‘will this connection hold for more than ten minutes?’
    i hope to be catching up soon!

  2. This is so true! I did the 8 week course on mindfulness, and really enjoyed the part when we focused on mindful eating… Harder to put into practice all the time. Do you do the gratitude jar thing too?

    • Hi Emma, mental training and mindfulness gives you tools to change your life for the better so it’s worth practicing it, :). Every night before I go to bed I give myself time to go through my day. I express my gratitude for everything that has happend and thank for my family, friends, and that I’ve a home and food. Sometimes I am just grateful that the day is over, and other times I am extra grateful and it can be about love, work or that I have found the perfect red shoes, :). This is part of my routine, like brushing my teeth. //Marianne Ps, love your blog.

  3. So true! I used to be that person, focused on everything but the present– not a happy way to live, dwelling on things that were either already over or those that hadn’t even happened yet. Life is much more fun since I became aware of this tendency and made a different choice. I still catch myself in the old habits from time to time, but at least now I’m conscious of what I’m doing.

    • Lindy, I am so happy to hear that you’ve had the courage to change to a better life. It’s not always easy, and our old habits have a tendency to pop up every now and again. When it happens to me I mentally take my baseball bat out, hit them hard and then I see them explode, :). In real life I don’t have baseball bat…

  4. Hello Marianne,

    “Let it be” is among my favorite three word statements. What needs to happen will happen so don’t worry too much and just live the moment.

    While I’m here, I’m compiling a free e-book about the Greatest Articles and I’m featuring excellent comments. Your thoughts in “Why They Teach You Math” is a standout! I’m asking permission if I could include your words in the book?

  5. “It isn’t a problem until it has happened” ~ Fabulous quote! Thank you Marianne.

  6. Live in the moment. This is somewhat difficult, but always try.

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