Chronic stress


Did you know that your brain is built to deal with stress that lasts about 30 seconds? It is not built for long-term stress. Chronic stress damages your memory, executive functions and your immune system. It also creates scares in your blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or a stroke. Another important fact: stressed brains don’t learn the same way as non-stressed brains do. What are you reasons for stressing? Do you still think it is worth it? //Marianne

Facts about stress: Brain rules by John Medina.


16 responses to “Chronic stress

  1. that book sounds like a must-read!! Stress is most definitely not worth it!! thank you…:)

  2. Certainly an interesting subject, how do we explain long term stress such as PTSD , and moreso in Vietnam Veterans like myself who find it an everyday part of life, how can you delete twelve months war stress from a mind which is still growing ?
    An enigma of society maybe.

    • Ian, you’re asking a very interesting question that I’ve no answer to. What I can tell you is that every day stress is now behind the majority of all illness in the western world, and also behind work related injuries. It has become a serious “threat” to our well being. And the question is: why do we stress, and for what reason do we do it?

      PTSD is a very serious condition, and I can’t even begin to imagine what the people of Syria is going through right now. Or what it’s like to be Vietnam Veteran. Still so many places around the world where war has become the normality. It’s very sad. //Marianne

  3. I have had long term stress which caused my body to blow a fuse, which can’t be mended but just is.

    • Stress is killing us, and the sad thing is that so many people stress for silly reasons. We need to change the way we think, and the way we live.

      • years ago i bailed ‘off’ of that stressful merry-go-round of a stress-filled daily life! i remember telling my former husband – more than once – i was sure that the stress was taking years off the back side of my life – shortening it. i remember saying later, ‘i am not well. i am not sure what’s wrong, but something’s wrong.’ it was subtle… months later i started seeing double at random times… i saw countless doctors, and one possible diagnosis was MS or myasthenia gravis. i quit everything ‘artificial’ everything chemical (birth control pills)… the first thing i told each new doctor was, ‘i am under a lot of stress.’ and they’d say, ‘stress might have triggered it, but there’s something else going on here…’

        i truly think that aspartame was the root of the problem, and i will be writing about it in the future. i continue to gather data and take photos for the aspartame/msg post.

        anyway, yes, for sure stress is toxic! one reason i fiercely hold tight to my simple life is because i’ve had the other, and it didn’t suit me very well!


      • I agree with you, aspartame is not good for the body and I’m looking forward to read your article about it. Almost every week there are new alarming reports published about what stress does to our bodies, and to our mind. It’s scary, and it’s very scary how it’s affecting young people. We need to change the way we live, and you’re very smart because you’ve done that.

      • it’s so hard to reach those who just aren’t ready to give up those comfort foods, though they are more like ‘habit’ foods…

        i am hopeful that i will be able to write this with a creative slant.

        we’ll soon find out if i can pull it off and help others wake up!


      • Lisa, you can do it – I’ve faith in you, :).

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