In-tray – friend or foe


To gain control of your in-tray deal with it once a day. Take each item and do following: deal with it, file it or dump it. If you have a management position add: delegate it. Repeat: deal with it, delegate it, file it or dump it. Congratulation, you are now in control of your in-tray. //Marianne


15 responses to “In-tray – friend or foe

  1. Even in motherhood it applies! With the daily duties and needs of each child and the home: deal with it, delegate it, file it or dump it…I like this no-nonsense approach…as nike puts it: just do it! Big hug Marianne, thank you, Alexandra

    • Alexandra, this can be used for many areas in life, and especially with kids :). I am a big fan on non-nonsense approach but you might already have guess that… Ps, thank you for always being so positiv, it makes me smile! Hug Marianne

      • Thank YOU Marianne! Positivity does not come natural to me, and since I know this, I follow blogs like yours that will aide me in bringing positivity out and setting it as a mindframe. I am learning to be positive, you are one of my guides 🙂 big hug, Alexandra

      • Alexandra, you could have fooled me. You’re always so kind, positive and many times funny in your communication with me. You always make me smile, and I appreciate our friendship a lot. We’re not born negative, that is something we learn as we grow up. Therefore you can also learn to be positive. It’s important that you’re kind to yourself and don’t get disappointed or angry if you don’t always succeed. It’s ok because you can change your life one day at the time, :). Hug Marianne

      • Oh no Marianne, THAT IS ME in all my splendor, jejejeee…I just would have never thought THAT as being POSITIVE, in fact, if you asked me up front ARE YOU A POSITIVE PERSON? I’d have answered NO, BUT I WANT TO BE! Reading your blog, Stu, Teecee, Karen’s help me everyday to live positive and not just wish it! What you read is what you get with me…specially because your friendship also means a lot to me, so please be sure that I am not out to fool anyone, I am always ME, happy, sad, hopeful me!!! Huge hug my dear friend, Alexandra

      • Alexandra, I think I’ve had a post about what it means to be positive. Otherwise, I need to have one, :). But it isn’t about always being happy, laughing and smiling. Sometimes people get mad when we say no to them, and they try to emotionally blackmail you by saying: you’re so negative. Don’t fall for it, it’s just a way for them to getting what they want. Hug Marianne 🙂

  2. Ok either you are reading my mind or i am reading yours 🙂 i may not have an in tray but i definitely have an inbox that needed some sorting out this morning and i unsubscribed from all those extras 🙂

  3. I definitely have the management position in my home. lol
    I just have to get control of somebody who thinks else-wise. That will be my in tray duty for today. 🙂

  4. Very good for most problems. I think I could do that. But some, I don’t know. It’s hard to file some….

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