One question


Who are you at your best? //Marianne


18 responses to “One question

  1. free penny press

    I am kind 🙂

  2. wow; to be so simple, that’s a complex question!

    as an artist,i’m at my best when i am totally immersed in an almost dreamlike state while painting. i’m much more intuitive – one has to get quiet in order to be in touch with that quiet voice that lives inside of all of us. my senses become enhanced, and i’m aware of subtle sounds and aromas. sometimes i go deeper and lose all track of time and place. when i smell or hear that sizzlinjg/burning pot of dried beans or soup i remind myself to never try to cook and paint at the same time!

    when disconnected from painting, i am a different person. a huge smile lives in my heart, and i sometimes realize i am smiling as i walk down the sidewalks in town. i sometimes wonder if people ask, “is she on drugs?’ (never!) because of my grin! i see beauty in the simple things, and i love witnessing the smallest token of loving interaction between between two people. yesterday i saw a lady gazing from a second-floor window of the municipal building,, and i asked if i could take her photo. she straightened and smiled, and i snapped, then grinned and thanked her for the smile! with that she grinned more. it’s so easy to pass along a happy heart and lighten the emotional burdens of others. whenever i am in town, that’s what i do, not because i think i should, but because it’s a part of me when i’m at my best.

    i could attach photos, but perhaps i’ll write a post instead!!!

    thanks amiga. can you sense that i am smiling at you right now?

    • Lisa, it’s a simple yet complex question and thank you for your beautiful comment. It’s beautiful because it’s filled with so much love, laughter and kindness. When you paint, you’re in flow. When you’re not painting, you show kindness to people around you whether you know them or not. Only people with a loving heart, who enjoys their own life can do that. Please, write a post about it with lots of photos. And yes, I can sense that you’re smiling… :).
      Lisa, you make my day better every day. I am so grateful, and happy that you’re my friend! Amiga, mucho grazias! //Marianne

      • thank you so much; i am aware of how lucky i am to see my cup half full to overflowing. my nephew points out that that’s a choice, though i’ve chosen to be that way for so very long that it’s a natural extension of who i am.
        thanks again; you mean a lot to me and to many many others as well!

      • Lisa, your nephew is absolutely right – it’s a choice and you made a wise one, :).

  3. holy cow, what a perfect question to ask right now! when i am at my best is when i feel the most fulfilled. Thanks for asking this question- i’m going to go mull it over.

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  5. Marianne–What I learned from your January 20-26 posts is that, after watching children to get the hang of it, I must stand up/fall, stand up/not fall, walk/fall, and then RUN because I’m causing a scene outside the daycare center. After getting sidetracked by these mobility issues, I must focus on what damages my memory, scares my blood vessels, or gives me a stroke of immunity. I also must refrain from checking how people take out the trash and trust them to do it ALMOST as good as I can, which is a beautiful emotion. Not having beautiful emotions can cause me to kick myself, causing muscle damage because I’m not a contortionist. I also must not hurt myself lifting my in-tray which is too heavy because I failed to deal with, file, delegate, or dump its contents before it required a 5-man moving crew to budge it. All this leaves me the question of who I am at my best. Fortunately, I’ve concluded that, lacking multiple personalities, it’s the same me as when I’m at my worst or at my mediocre. This is comforting, because I won’t have to keep asking the person in the mirror, “How did you get into my bathroom?”

    • Oh John, I needed this tonight – I’ve laughed so much reading your brilliant post about my blogg. Thanks a million times, :). I don’t understand how you do it, and I wish I had your talent. John, thank you for being my friend, I appreciate our friendship. Say hello to your wife, :). Have a wonderful day!

  6. This is an easy one…I am at my best when…I’m with Susie.

    Be encouraged!

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