Me time


How often do you book “just being” time in your calendar, and give yourself the chance to hear your own thoughts? //Marianne


24 responses to “Me time

  1. Thank you Marianne, very very timely for me, my friend! 🙂

  2. Very good reflection, Marianne. Wish you a lovely day!

  3. Every time I get a chance to read- my favorite blogs, the current book on my nightstand- that’s ME time…however, I lowered my standards for what me time is considered because that kind of me time was very difficult to obtain, so now, whenever I get a chance to do something on my own-cook, put together my class syllabus, get ready, drive- those are also ME moments… Jejejeee big hug my friend!!! Alexandra

  4. Lately it’s been very often 🙂
    Good reflection Marianne, and great photo to go with this post.

  5. Lately, very often.
    Great reflection and great photo to accompany this post Marianne.
    Hope you are well.

  6. i try to get some time every day to sit and read which is what i love most and i try and have breakfast out once a week with my friend, the book 🙂

  7. A few minutes ‘me’ time is essential in my day. It can meant the difference between a chilled mum and a stressed one 🙂

  8. for sure i get ‘me time’ every day! when i was younger and worked such long hours, i always looked forward to a hot bath, where i relaxed with a book for half an hour or more. that always gave me a great time-out, and i always felt better physically and emotionally.

    • Lisa, so many people get their “me-time” while taking a bath. I am afraid I don’t like it, :). Painting is me-time for me, and one of my dreams is to have my own studio and sometimes I wonder if it’s just a day dream without any substance. I’ve problem seeing it happen… :(.

      • if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as the ditty goes, but if wishes were airline tickets, i’d be there tomorrow and we’d find a studio apace and i’d give you a few days’ lessons, and you’d be ‘off’ and painting with a huge smile on your face!

        amiga! you for sure know that you should seize the day and make this happen (not my flight there, but finding a little retreat and painting/creating!)

      • Lisa, I wish you could come to Europe and help me.. Trust me I am trying, and I am failing big time,:). It’s “impossible” to rent a studio in Stockholm. The ones who has one are not willing to share, and I’ve tried for years. All the artists I’ve met in Fiji say no, no, and no… (they usually have very little space themselves). In Auckland I’ve not met anyone I can ask. When I visit my mother in the summer I always paint in her garden if the weather permits it. If I am unlucky I get to paint one time during the entire summer… In Spain everybody is saying: ¿eh? I am not giving up but I do have a problem seeing this dream coming true – at the moment I might add, :). Ps, I laughed when I read your comment, thank you!

      • i’m glad that you had an unexpected laugh!

        wow; i now realize how lucky i am! how frustrating that must be to not fine space for creative (and mental health!) needs.

        long ago i was looking for a modest house to buy that had a kitchen and a bedroom to use as a place to work and teach and display my work, that would also double as a ‘get away’ on weekends for my husband and me. this small city was an hour from the farm where we lived. i looked for over a year,.. one day i said the the realtor, who was by then my good friend, ”i’d like to look at that old corner house just to put it out of my mind.’

        it was a 7,000 square foot ugly duckling of colonial revival from the 1870s. it had been abandoned for as long as i cold remember. the yard was a nightmare/eyesore.

        the minute we stepped into that house on a cold february day, my heart all but broke for that forlorn neglected ugly duckling. it took 9 months to transform her back to the elegant swan that she once was, and we opened for a bed and breakfast.

        the business was so successful that we ended up never having vacancies. the ironic part was i was so busy, i never had time to paint or teach!

      • Lisa, what a lovely story! Is it still a bed & breakfast? It must have been heaven staying with you, :). It’s just the place I would like to have, minus the 9 months of renovation… A place where I can write, paint and develop new seminars, products etc for my work. A place full of love, and laughter…

      • you would have been in heaven! we had a petite courtyard tucked into a very private area. itty bitty goldfish pond with sculpted egrets and soft sounds of flowing water. on the top floor of our private quarters was the ‘turret’ room, where you could have played rapunzel rapunzel, let down your hair and scribbled your heart away! the ‘formal’ parlor was a bit too stiff for me, but that front porch swing was just right, especially when the aroma of the sweet olive tree wafted through the area!
        a doctor and his family bought the house and intended to fill it with children! i think they succeeded! i’ve not been back in about five years but hope to visit sometime this year.

      • Pure heaven, and olive tree as well… That is another dream of mine, having olive trees, :). I hope the doctor and his family have filled the house with love and laughter…

  9. I never think to do that. It’s time I should.

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