The power of laughing


The more we laugh the better we feel, and when we laugh really hard the air can fly out of our mouth at over 100 km per hour. Laughter binds people together, it is very contagious and it is difficult to stay angry when you hear someone laugh. It also boosts the immune system, relax the muscles, lower the stress levels and decreases pain. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old English proverb. I would like to change it to an apple a day and lots of laughter keeps the doctor away. //Marianne


12 responses to “The power of laughing

  1. I recently saw a blog……..can’t remember where as I read so many…….but it just showed pictures of laughing and smiling people. And I could feel myself smiling and chuckling.
    I have had pictures taken of me or I have taken pictures of others. And we tell each other to smile. Then when the pictures are produced the smile seems so false or forced.

    I love the pictures that are just taken spontaneously with smiles.

  2. my friend barb was very sick once, and i drove with her from the ‘outback’ of costa rica to the hospital in the capitol city of san jose. she was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia, and i stayed with her through the ordeal. i slept on a cot in the room, and through the entire time, we laughed. a lot!

    the doctors and nurses were amazed at how fast she bounced back, and she credits the laughter.


    • Lisa, a lot of research has been done of the benefits of laughing. Improving the immune system is being one of them. I am sure your friend bounced back quicker because of all the laughter, :).

  3. A good laugh a day keeps the doctor away! You are so right…though I have found that a delicious apple also does wonders for your skin and supposedly (I read this somewhere) it helps whiten our teeth… So laugh and eat apples BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME because that is the sure fire way to bring the doctor running…jejejeeee have a lovely day filled with smiles and laughter my friend, hugs Alexandra

  4. petit4chocolatier

    This is so true. I laugh all day! Feel stressed, just laugh. It does get better. Great post!

    • Thank you! I collect good memories, and when life gets tough I “dust” of my memories and they always makes me smile and laugh. Glad to hear you’ve the ability to laugh, :).

  5. Ja, man kan nästan känna ibland hur man fylls av energi i hela kroppen och sinnet när man skrattar och så är det ju så roligt också…jag älskar att skartta och gör det så mycket det bara går!!! 🙂

    • Eva, jag har aldrig hört talas om någon som har skrattar för mycket i livet. Har du? 🙂 Det är spännande att man på fullt allvar forskar om skrattets underbara inverkan på kropp, och sinne. Hela tiden kommer det nya rön. Jag älskar också att skratta, och sparar på roliga minnen och upplevelser som jag lätt kan plocka fram när det behövs en extra dos glädje.

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