DSC_4360Do you believe in failure?
Do you believe you are a failure?


10 responses to “Failure

  1. Failure only occurs upon abandonment of a journey of your choosing.

    While there is impedance, and there are obstacles to overcome on any journey, the continuation of that journey despite setbacks, is a measurement of success.

    Completion of that journey to your satisfaction is still, a measurement of success.

  2. When you feel you need to improve your blog a bit, you just start a new one. 🙂
    You may not feel you are a failure, but you just need a bit of sweeping. You take your broom and tidy up a bit.

    Perhaps we all feel a bit of failure at times. We should not be afraid of this feeling. We should be afraid if we do nothing about it.

  3. there are times when a painting just doesn’t flow right. how well i remember when i was younger and inexperienced. i would work on something for five or six hours and not like it at all. it made me feel so horrid to invest so much time and turn out something that looked like …..

    sometimes an inner voice nudged me to keep working.. perhaps it was my hard head (don’t let this beat you)… usually i could turn it around, but sometimes, the paintings aren’t worth saving. i put those to the side/back, and every so often after critiquing them again and later again, i’d burn them. along with any emotional baggage i happened to have in my psyche. that always felt good, and then there was no reminder of the failed struggles…

    i look at each painting as an exercise, and with each one i’m a little better. even the flops have lessons to teach. the main thing is not to give up!


  4. I believe in failure for sure, with myself it has always propelled me forward with lessons learned, gainful understanding and decisions.

    Are we failures? No, all in how it’s viewed (whatever “it” is).

    Excellent post!

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