Goal setting


All successful people set goals, and goals give you energy and purpose in life. There are seven keys to goal setting, and you can use these general principles to basically every goal in your life.
1. Your goals should always be selected by you – remember it is your dream.
2. A goal must be positive; it is about what you want as opposed to what you don’t want.
3. A goal should be bold but still possible to achieve. Don’t make the mistake of setting goals that are too easy to reach. You will be bored very quickly and then give up. Challenge yourself.
4. They need to be specific, detailed and written down. A goal cannot be vague or general, like being happy or making lots of money.
5. It is very important that a goal is measurable. If you cannot measure them, how do you know when you have reached them?
6. Schedules and deadlines. Once you have a schedule and different deadlines you know what you have to do. Every day you will work towards achieving your goal by that time.
7. Congruent with your values. You cannot have a goal that goes against your own values; it is never going to work. //Marianne


10 responses to “Goal setting

  1. Some of these very same steps were requirements when I was a teacher. Our plans had to be specific and attainable for the students with extra activities to challenge. Plans were written in detail and the means for measuring achievement given. The deadline for the next week’s teaching plan was Friday afternoon before I left school for the weekend.

    The only thing different was that the School Board set the teaching curriculum.
    Of course my own personal goal was to to my best for my class. 🙂

  2. great photo! it has lots of movement and looks fun!

    • It’s from Queens Wharf in Auckland. I had lunch there at the weekend and it was fantastic just sitting in the sun, eating a german sausage and watching all the people fishing, :).

  3. Great list for goal setting! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. I agree with Kristin – this is an excellent list. I, too, thank you for sharing!

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