The fastest way to success is to study successful people, and what they do to succeed. Who do you need to study to reach your goals, and create your own success? //Marianne


6 responses to “Study

  1. I think
    we forget to think
    what success really is.

    So first
    we have to define success
    in our own terms.

    And that takes
    some thinking. 🙂

  2. yesterday i noted the ‘blue dog’ in the background of a blogger’s photo from new orleans. i commented that i was glad to see that the blue dog was still alive and well.

    since that’s fresh in my memory, i could study rodrigue’s success in his marketing of the blue dog! you will like the blue dog paintings!

  3. I love biographies! I have been wanting to read Benjamin Franklin’s bio and a book I can’t remember the title of by Victor Frankl…

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