God morning


Do you belong to the big group of people who rush through their mornings? Do you eat and get dressed at the same time? Do you yell at your kids to hurry up, otherwise they will be late for kindergarten/school? Do you put on your make-up when you stop at the red light, or on the subway as I used to do? When you walk through the doors at work, there is a very big chance that your stress level is sky high, and your morning behaviour has set the standard for the rest of day. The same goes for your children. If you are interested there is another way to start your morning, and it is very simple. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier at night, and give yourself these extra 30 minutes in the morning instead. Eat breakfast together as a family and involve everybody in the following questions:

What am I happy about?
What am I grateful for?
What am I committed to doing today?

By asking yourself these questions every morning you learn to focus on what is important in life. At the same time you start the day with a positive feeling, and that feeling sets the tone for the rest of the day. This will also help you dealing with problems more easily as opposed to when you start the day in a negative, and stressful way. //Marianne


7 responses to “God morning

  1. I remember the extremely stressful mornings from my childhood, I guess my mom didn’t have this wonderful blog to read like I do :). It was all shouting all the time. So now thatI’m the mom, I shout because I’m downstairs and my children are upstairs…I have made it a point not you send them off on a bad tone, it saddens their morning and it feels mine with regret, and that is not the way one should start the day, right?!

  2. I used to be that person, until I met a business coach who turned me inside out like a sock. Now I ease into my day.

  3. This used to be me until I made some changes too. 🙂 Less stress is much much better!

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