Dream team


Everyone needs to have their own dream team. No one can succeed on its own, we all need the help and support of many different people. Do you have a dream team today? If not – identify people both in your professional life, and in your private life who can help you. Don’t just look at your work, but also include your health and your finances. Do you need a mentor, a life coach, or maybe a personal trainer? You might prefer that a friend helps you to get fit, someone who likes to go for long walks with you before work a couple of times a week. Once you have identified the people who can help you, you need to think about how you can help them in return. How will they benefit from cooperating with you? Many people miss this part when they try and create a dream team, and that is why they fail. Who do you want to have in your dream team? //Marianne


8 responses to “Dream team

  1. how could one fail with a dream team of support people who wore tiaras of flowers in their hair?!!!!! this is very good food for thought this morning. thank you! z

  2. Marianne, I had a quick chat about this with my highschool’s psychologist the other day… Just pointing out to her that we were part of the team that helped the school’s owner make his dream come true…and now I’m thinking, that through my work there I have accomplished several personal goals and the stepping stone to a dream, so I am a happy collaborator!!! Big hug Alexandra

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