My life


If you woke up tomorrow and your life is exactly the way you want it to be, how is it then? //Marianne


7 responses to “My life

  1. wave a magic wand, and’ -POOF- everything’s in place? :))
    i would make materialistic changes, though what i do with my life would stay basically the same. this past week’s earthquake made me realize that assets are absolutely at ground level of importance when it comes to my personal safety!

    • Lisa, an earthquake does make you think about what is important in life, and things can always be replaced. I am glad you are ok. We had an earthquake and tsunami warning in the South Pacific as well. A couple of days before you. Take care!

  2. Exercise would be part of my day, A HAPPY PART, and it would be my most important source of energy, from there everything could be same and it would be fine 🙂

  3. You and your blog help to keep me inspired so I wanted to include you with the nomination.
    If you care to accept simple go to this link and follow the rules.


  4. Aaaaajajajaaaa TOMORROW… As soon as the cold weather starts to give way to nicer temps I want to start swimming… 🙂

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