Skipping work

Earlier today I decided to take a break from my work for a couple of hours so I called my favourite taxi driver. I wanted to explore Suva and take some photos. First stop was to the local shop where we buy our eggs. One tray of eggs: 12 Fijian dollars, which is cheaper than the market but still expensive for the average Fijian.


Next stop was to find a place to take photos of the amazing view of Suva, the ocean and the mountains. We found a small road, which turned out to be full of big fancy houses with a “million” dollar view. Not allowed to stop there. After a while we found the perfect place, and I got so excited I nearly fell off the cliff.




Schoolgirls hiding from grown ups, playing with their mobiles and gossiping about boys. Teenagers, they are exactly the same regardless of where they are in the world. Time to buy a couple of bananas, and another fantastic view of Suva.




– I want to take some photos of the cemetery. Do you think people will be upset, I asked Epeli. No, why would they be upset – they are dead. I couldn’t help but laughing because this is such a typical Fijian answer. But then I thought: would I be upset if people from Fiji took photos of my father’s headstone? No, I wouldn’t but I am not too sure about my mother’s reaction.



I don’t know why, but I love boats in all sizes and shapes. Today I got lucky. The “once a month” boat from the Lau group arrived today with coconuts, jams and dalo (root crops). First I thought it was an auction but the sacks with goodies are sent to relatives who live in Suva once a month.


So many countries fish off the coast of Fiji. Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and America are some of the countries that are allowed to fish in Fiji’s waters. The other day EU asked the Fijian government if they could do the same. Is there really enough fish for all these countries, including Fiji? I don’t know, but I hope so otherwise it will be hard for the Fijian people. //Marianne



16 responses to “Skipping work

  1. You sure are in paradise my friend… The will power to take ONLY A FEW HOURS OFF… With this view, I’d take a few hours off the R&R to get some work done and not the other way around… Although maybe working here is less of a struggle than it is in an office, right? Lovely pictures Marianne, big hug, Alexandra

    • Alexandra – yes I am living in paradise, and I am so grateful to get this opportunity. I’ve never thought about me being disciplined for just taking a few hours off work but I guess I am, :). Hugs Marianne

  2. What a wonderful glimpse of life in Fiji. Thank you for sharing it, Marianne.

  3. Such a wondrous place, Marianne! Thank you for taking us along on your “day off.”

  4. Beautiful and enjoyable blog Marianne, great pics, especially the view over the bay.

  5. Marianne—What I learned from your Feb. 8-27 posts is that I need to relive the last 90 days ONCE MORE to see where I wasted a few hours when I could have been reflecting on wasting hours differently. I certainly wish I had created a DREAM TEAM who would take walks with me to help tell me how I could help them (walking—and reasoning—in circles). We certainly could help each other avoid WEDDING BLUES, which, by definition, occurs when a wedding comes off without a hitch. MY LIFE without wedding blues would be to wake up tomorrow and be served breakfast in bed, including those little pillow chocolates. (My ideal life would include chocolates with every meal.) While eating breakfast I would acknowledge Marianne’s THANK YOU! For helping her reach her “365 goal” (blogging days, not weight loss). I know how much I inspired her to write in English, because she certainly wouldn’t be getting these summaries from me in Norwegian. One change I must make is to say GOOD-BYE to Auckland AND HELLO to Fiji in order to tolerate the heat, humidity, and friends in the latter. After all of this travel I would be SKIPPING WORK to hire a cab so I could go right up to the edge of cliffs for a natural (and geographical) “high.” On the way back from cliff-hanging I would have the cab stop at cemeteries so I could visit dead people, who never mind people dropping in unannounced, because they gave up dusting when they turned to dust. They kept throwing themselves out with the dust cloths.

    • John, John, John – how do you do it? I know I’ve asked you before but seriously – how do you do it? It’s almost midnight in the Pacific and I can’t stop laughing. I am going to fall asleep with a big smile on my face very shortly, and I am sure I will wake up with a big smile thanks to your funny analysis. Thank you! 🙂

  6. You are living in a very nice place. Are you there for good, or will you return to Europe soon?

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