Little things


“It’s the little things that makes life big”. Which little things make your life bigger? //Marianne


12 responses to “Little things

  1. welcome back!
    this is easy! i could list hundreds of little things!
    birds. flowers. fresh basil. fresh mint. white paper and a sharp pencil. silence. a smile. a well-written sentence or paragraph. burros. geckos. subtle aromas from sweet flowers.sunsets.

    • Lisa, thank you! I agree with everything you say and I add walking on the beach, finding the perfect book on a rainy Sunday afternoon, laughing, cheese, wine, mangos, play like a child in a swimming pool which I’ve done today. Taking the time to go to my favourite coffe place, order a long black and read the paper. Meditate, massage, banana smoothie and so much more, :).

      • oh yes.

        i love to blend one banana, one small papaya, juice from maracuya/passionfruit, lemon, water and – wow! what a tasty and healthy drink! add some chopped hibiscus flowers and it becomes festive!

        you listed many wonderful ‘little things’ which of course are responsible for the smile in our soul!

      • Lisa, banana, papaya, a dash of honey and yogurt is my favorite smoothie in Suva, :). I like your version, it sounds yummy and I am sure it’s beautiful as well. But it will be hard for me to find any papaya in Sweden, :(. Lunchbreak = playing in the pool. It’s very hot here today…

  2. oooh, when my students’faces light up as the see the logic in something that had seemed complicated… when I get a chance to stay in bed a bit later and i suddenly smell the aroma of coffee… the best!! those sporadic special moments seem huge when they happen by surprise 🙂 HUMMINGBIRDS… AHA! moments, I live for those!!

  3. Bloggers such as you, Marianne are a joy in my life; as are so many things such as flowers, animals, walks on cool day, dancing… the list could go on and on…. 🙂

    • Carolyn, you’re such kind and generous soul! I am a bit tired today, and your words give me much needed energy, thank you :). Flowers, dancing and animals – yes and yes to all the fantastic blogs in the world… which yours are one of them.

  4. I said that just the other day to my husband – “it’s the little things”…and now I can’t remember what it was that made me so happy at that moment. I guess it really was a little thing, but I have a lot of those moments, so that’s good.

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