How do you choose to live your life on a daily basis?
What do you choose to value in life?
We are not always taught how to live our lives, instead we just do what everyone else is doing without reflecting if it is a good idea or not. That is the easy way out. Choosing to engage in your own life every day can be a challenge; at the same time it can transform a life to be better, stronger and more positive. Maybe it will transform your life, if you give it a chance.Β Β //Marianne


15 responses to “Life

  1. …”Life”
    .. and i thought you were going to tell us about a new door that opened in your life.. like you reached one of your goals – you fell in love!

    i am lucky that i’ve stayed in tune with those inner stirrings that often go against what everyone else is doing or thinking. i’ve not always been able to act on those thoughts or yearnings, but i have finally reached a point where i am fiercely independent and reap the most from each day.

    this one has been a long one, physically, and at 6:20/sunset hour, i’m ready to call it a day and relax!


    • Lisa, very funny and when I fall in love you’ll be the first to know… Choosing to engage in your own life every day is a challenge. I also believe it’s something we need to be aware of our entire life because it’s so easy to slip, and just exist and not live.

      Have a wonderful sleep! I dreamt about the “Pink panther” last night, :).

  2. What do you choose to value in life? I value TIME infinitely! How do you choose to live your life on a daily basis? I have decided to give myself the opportunity to choose what I’m going to use my time on, even my free time with one condition guiding my decision: that i have no regrets at the end of the day, that I feel and know I used my time well, wisely and efficiently, doing the ideal activity for the moment… doing nothing (weird expression because we can never be doing nothing!) is also an option as long as I don’t kick myself later for that time “wasted” … Oh Marianne, I enjoy so much these opportunities to reflect and to be introspective, thank you, Alexandra

  3. Hi Marianne, about time I stopped for a visit. Glad I did. Great advice, excellent in fact. Hope you are doing well so far in this new year! Penny, xx

  4. Choosing how to live life is actually an extension of our upbringing I think, I notice as I get older , wisdom seems to step in and directs my path back to what was most important in my younger days, security, love and a feeling of acceptance, the trivialities of life no longer have a bearing as they used to in younger days, but with free will, each to their own I suppose.

    • Ian, thank you for your insightful comment, and I do believe you’re right. If we’re lucky, we grow up in a loving home where we learn how to live our lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, I do not think it’s as common as one might hope.

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