The unexamined life


“The unexamined life is not worth living”, Socrates. This quote might seem a bit harsh but it is quote to ponder over. What happens if we don’t examine our lives, and what happens if we do it every six to twelve months? When we examine our life, we get the opportunity to analyse what is working, and what is not working. We also get the chance to figure out why we sometimes repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It gives us the option to take control and redesign our lives. This is the positive side of examine our lives. When we do the opposite there is always the possibility that we loose direction. Instead we let other people, and external events decide what we should do, think and feel. That is a mistake. Which part of your life would you like to examine today? Which part of your life do you need to take a closer look at? //Marianne


15 responses to “The unexamined life

  1. Continual self awareness is so crucial to heading down the right path. Great post Marianne.

  2. Is socrates “right” in stating that – what is worthy or not worthy of living? If it concerned his life, well and good, but not another being.How did he valuate what was “worthy” or otherwise?

    • I’ve been thinking about this quote for a long time because I’ve had the same question you have. I think the quote is a bit harsh, at the same time it’s important to examine ones life on a regular basis other it’s hard to know where we’re going. Great comment, thank you!

  3. Lol..My Hubby tells me I over-examine everything! 😉
    Socrates is the Man! I could question his philosophies, which would be quite apt, as his whole premise was on challenging our motives, our beliefs, our understanding. and those of others. Do not swallow anything you haven’t deemed logical through your own methodical thinking. I love that! He helped me stop feeling intimidated by the opinions of others that did not gel with my own. I will continue to examine my life and those who don’t, well, That is there loss. 😉

    • Thank you for your fantastic comment, I love everything you say! Sometimes we need to be brave, and examine what’s working and what is not working even if we don’t like the answers. That is progress in all its beauty, :).

  4. Nice post, Marianne!

  5. petit4chocolatier

    Well said!

  6. Marianne—What I have learned from your March 5-17 posts, once I got over the shock that it’s MARCH, is that I need to measure my “Goal Management” success. My goal of financial independence is on track with the help of the cheerful folks in the Debt-Reduction Program. My Weight-Reduction Program is off to a great start with my new membership in the city’s Recreation Center, which has a variety of torture devices. I’m not on track in my Relationship-Reduction Program, because so many people rely on me as their Best Enabler.

    I have also learned that you got an AWARD for being a Very Inspiring Blogger, which is like giving a holiness award to St. Francis, although you’ve never mentioned talking to animals (which would go against you in a mental-health screening). Complying with the rules of the award revealed that you often have egg on your face (or at least on your lip), that you would love to spend time in Singapore with a good shoulder and back, that Argo was “ago,” but that you’re about to be Miserable (pronounced Miz-er-AH-bluh) because you’re leaving Fiji.

    AFTER you leave Fiji, LITTLE THINGS will make you happy, such as arranging one hot and one cold beverage next to a copy of The Fiji Times, although this borders on masochism. The little things that make my life bigger are all donuts.

    I also need to engage in my own LIFE instead of being an unreflective copy-cat (the easy way out, because you don’t have to keep your own appointments).

    I need to HONOR MYSELF by being nice to all the people on my contact list (first checking to make sure I’m on it). I know I am worthy of “being kind to” because closely-related people hand me wrapped packages on my birthday and at Christmas.

    I know I don’t want to live AN UNEXAMINED LIFE because I don’t want to repetitively repeat the same mistakes over and over, in a cyclical pattern, ad nauseum until death do I part. It seems wise not to let OTHER people examine my life, though, because the gift-bearers might find an excuse to stop, while everyone else will be required to START when they remember how nice I’ve been to them.


    • Hi John, I am sorry but I can only read part of your text but assume it’s funny as usual. Let me get back to you next week, I am back in Sweden by then. I am in Hong Kong right now. Ps, the rugby tournament “Sevens” is on this weekend. Check it out, the fans dress up and Fiji won in HK last year. The plane yesterday was full of Fijian fans, it was a lot of fun. I am desperately trying to get a ticket. Wish me luck! 🙂 //Marianne

    • Dear John, I hope I am not going to shock you by saying we are now approaching May very quickly, :). I’ve had strict orders from my doctor not to use my computer due to a shoulder problem – yeah right… I miss Fiji terrible, reading Fiji Times and having a coffee at my favourite café was a daily routine that I enjoyed a lot. My favourite café in Stockholm closed while I was away, :(. But I can read your funny comments, and that will always put a big smile on my face, thank you!

  7. I believe that self evaluation is vital to personal growth both mentally and spiritually, self evaluation can be learnt in every aspect of our life, be it life changing decisions or the simple day to day trivial habits that make up our life.
    A great thoughtful blog Marianne

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