Your garden

DSC_0828“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” – Frances Hodgson Burnett. What kind of flowers, plants and trees do you see in your “garden”? // Marianne


11 responses to “Your garden

  1. hello amiga!
    what do i see in my garden?
    i see a garden with much variety; petite flowers for nosegays, tall elegant ones like the red ginger above. bright happy ones for butterflies and hummingbirds, and fragrant ones to enhance the quality of the day. there are plants that provide nourishment and a few more serve as nature’s pharmacy. my garden is like a mini mall, a place that tends to the body and soul!

    (today i planted two plumerias, and one day they will support a hammock while providing filtered shade and fragrance!)

    so miss mary, how does YOUR garden grow?

    • Dear Lisa, I am so sorry about the delay in answering your comment. Life has taken me on a strange and at times fearful journey. And I am not talking about my injured shoulder, :). I knew your garden would be a wonderful place, just like you. My garden is slowly coming back to life again, and it gives me a lot of joy. // Marianne

      • i wish i were there just to sit and listen. we all face unexpected obstacles, and when we get past them and look back, we sigh.. much later we look back and realize how much stronger (and wiser) we became because of those obstacles.

        one day we will trade stories in person!


  2. Thanks for the reminder. Weather is getting better, and what better way to become 1 with my surroundings than, to spend a little time out there getting to know all of it during its’ seasonal transition.

    Hope you are doing well.

    • Dave, I’ve missed your insightful comments! Yes, I am better now but I still have to take it a bit slow for another 4-6 weeks, :). I hope everything is fine with you!

      • Hi Marianne! When that 4-6 weeks has cycled hopefully, you’ll be back here a little more often. You’ve certainly been missed!
        Stay well, and so glad to hear from you!

  3. Marianne, a few years ago I had beautiful and temperamental flowers, at the least weather conditions they died. Now I have succulent plants and mostly the food I grow, at least I know what I am eating.

    • I love orchids but they don’t love me so I eventually I had to give up. It cost me too much money to buy new ones all the time, :). In the summer I’ve my own herb garden, and this year I also have 5 tomato plants. They are not very happy at the moment…

  4. I don’t know about YOUR plants, Marianne, but mine TALK. On many days my blog would be tongue-tied if they didn’t. –John

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