Half time

DSC_5799More than half of 2013 is already gone. It is time to examine your goals. Are you on the right track, or do you need to adjust them? //Marianne


14 responses to “Half time

  1. I need to back track a bit.

  2. I think I am on track! Thank you for the reminder. It is hard to believe we are over half way through 2013. Have a great day!

  3. Me has dado un buen consejo. Será la principal actividad para este día.

  4. hey amiga! it’s great to see you pop your head from beneath the placid waters! i hope that all is going well on your side of the pond!

    what happens when there are so many wonderful opportunities, that there is no way to juggle them all, but there is no clear way of knowing which direction to go?! it’s like reaching a spiderwork of paths in the center of beautiful pristine woods and pondering which one to take. for now i’m just sitting and admiring the woods, the different paths and enjoying a period of incubation…

    thankfully there are no wolves chasing me down those paths and forcing me to make a hurried decision!

  5. Good to have you back, if only for a moment. 2013 is flying by and it’s a good idea to take stock of where we are.

  6. It is true! It’s time to think a bit about this.
    ¡Es verdad! Es hora de pensar un poco en esto.

  7. Marianne, It’s so great to see a new post from you!

    In June (within the 1st half of the year) I accomplished my goal of putting out the 2nd edition of my book. Now I’d like to find an agent, because I would like to have the book picked up by a publishing house. This is where I’m focusing my efforts now.

  8. I’ll give you an example. At work we have to meet sales goals. I have always been asked for my goals to sell a specific item which is the cornerstone of our product line.

    My answer: The very next customer walking through the door. That’s it.

    A numerical goal can establish a limit. Perhaps I’m trying to put a new dimension to goal setting but, I am continuously a top seller in our establishment.

    My goal is to sell the product to my very next customer if, they really need it. If they don’t, truth in selling prevails, and the next one through probably does need it.

    I am no longer asked by management for my goals because they know it directly coincides with the number of opportunities they can provide.

    The question then is, what’s their goal on provided opportunities?

  9. just checking on you amiga! hope all is going well! z

  10. checking again! if you’re still having shoulder problems, i am wondering if a trip to see the kinesiologist might be helpful. hope that you’re better and doing well.
    miss you!

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