Do it the Snoopy way

IMG_7658Start the week in a great way, and do as Snoopy; keep calm and dance with a big smile on your face. Rise and shine, I promise that the dance will be good both for your body and your soul. Have a smashing Monday! // Marianne


3 responses to “Do it the Snoopy way

  1. Hi, Marianne! I decided that I needed to drop by and visit the blogs I’ve been following.

    True story: When I was in grad school, I told a group of friends that I did a “modified” (seated) Snoopy Dance in a high-end restaurant after the first taste of a delicious dish. Mary, one of my friends, said, “Why were you MODIFIED?” I tried to explain that I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself, but she kept saying that she didn’t understand why I was “modified.” After an impasse, her roommate came to the rescue and said, “I think I see the problem. Mary is from BOSTON, and she thinks you’re saying “MORTIFIED”!

    • Hi John, what a lovely story 😊 I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. But I have been ill for long time. That said Santa gave me an early X-mas present and I am now well again 😊 I will back blogging before the end of January. Looking forward to catch up again. I hope all is well with you! Happy New Year! 🌟✨💫 Marianne

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