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Me time


How often do you book “just being” time in your calendar, and give yourself the chance to hear your own thoughts? //Marianne


Happy New Year


As we close the chapter on 2012, and open a new one tomorrow, it is time to reflect on the year that was and the lessons we learnt. Today it is time to reflect and at the same time be grateful for the past 12 months. Some of you have endured a lot of hardship, others have enjoyed success, and some a mix of both. No matter what your story is, if you are still alive you have a lot to be grateful for. If you also have a home, food, friends and a family you have even more to be appreciative about.

Today is not the day of grand promises. New Years Eve is actually the worst day of the year to promise yourself or others to lose weight, stop smoking or buying a membership to the gym. We have a tendency to break the promises we make on New Years Eve within a week or two, sometimes even the next day. This usually starts a vicious circle of guilt, shame and inner negative talking. Today is about taking time to look back at the year that was. Being thankful, and celebrate the new year that lies ahead of us. Tomorrow is a better time to make grandiose promises. An even better idea is to spend an hour every day for the next seven days and set inspiring goals for you to reach 2013.
Thank you for all the joy, and inspiration you have given me during 2012. I wish you a Happy New Year filled with love, success and prosperity! //Marianne

Sleep well, think well


The brain is in a constant state of tension between cells and chemicals that try to put you to sleep and cells and chemicals that try to keep you awake.
The neurons of your brain show vigorous rhythmical activity when you are asleep, perhaps replaying what you learned that day.
People vary in how much sleep they need and when they prefer to get it, but the biological drive for an afternoon nap is universal. Loss of sleep hurts attention, executive function, working memory, mood, quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and even motor dexterity. From the book “Brain rules” by John Medina. //Marianne

The spoon trick

IMG_3106Six days to Christmas, actually it is only five days for Swedes around the world because we celebrate on Christmas Eve, and people are starting to feel a bit stressed. It is time to recharge your mental and physical batteries, and do the spoon trick. Sit comfortable in a chair, take a deep breath and start counting backwards 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and feel how your body starts to relax. In one of your hands, you hold a spoon. Keep taking deep breaths and let all your worry, and stress float away. Let your mind drift away, maybe to a place in the sun, or to a mountaintop. Keep taking deep breaths, relax and let yourself drift off to sleep. When your hand that holds the spoon is totally relaxed it will fall to the ground and you will wake up. You will now feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.  //Marianne

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Research from the U.S. shows that 90% of all sick leave is caused by stress. The following 11 tips will help you create your “perfect” balance in life. Start small and build it up until they are a part of your every day routine.

  1. Give yourself time to rest and recover every day.
  2. Work on your self-esteem as it is the foundation to perform and feel good.
  3. Spend time with the right people; people who support you and who inspires you.
  4. Stop comparing yourself with others as it has a tendency to make us unhappy, and drain our energy. Instead you should only compare your results with yourself.
  5. Dare to say no both at work and privately, it is ok to not always be available.
  6. Switch off your mobile for a while every day.
  7. Get enough sleep every night.
  8. Exercise every day.
  9. Be grateful for what you have.
  10. Set goals.
  11. Enjoy your life.
    // Marianne

 © 2012 Marianne365days – Change Your Life One Day At The Time – All Rights Reserved

Stress, stress, stress

Why are you stressed, and why do you stress? // Marianne


What makes you laugh, and how many times a day are you laughing? // Marianne