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Do it the Snoopy way

IMG_7658Start the week in a great way, and do as Snoopy; keep calm and dance with a big smile on your face. Rise and shine, I promise that the dance will be good both for your body and your soul. Have a smashing Monday! // Marianne


30 minutes

Did you know? It usually takes about 30 minutes for your body to relax after a stressful situation and start working normally again. 30 minutes…

Reclaim Sundays

Do you remember what life was like before Sunday became a day of working, going to shopping malls, catching up on household work like doing the laundry and cleaning? Once upon time, Sunday was a day when we gave our body and mind a chance to rest, it was also a day we spent with our family. In some countries it is still like that, but not in Sweden. As of today I reclaim my Sundays, and I’m going to use the 7th day of the week to rest, contemplate, do joyful things and spend it with my family and friends. What would you like to do on your Sundays? //Marianne

Boring – Yes Please!

Always having a full diary, and filling both your own and your family’s spare time with activities isn’t necessarily positive. On the contrary, we need occasionally to do nothing; it’s good for us. It gives us the opportunity to hear our thoughts, reflect over our lives and find our own way through life. Book in ‘just being’ time in your calendar, and enjoy doing nothing because it will help you feel even better. Have a “boring” weekend! //Marianne

Body and mind

It’s okay to work hard and long hours as long as you make time for re-charging your batteries. Rest and recuperation are a must if you want to feel good and perform well. No work is worth destroying your health for. Make sure you set aside at least 15 minutes every day to let your body and mind rest. If you feel that you don’t have 15 minutes, take 10 minutes. And if you feel that you don’t have 10 minutes. Well, then it’s time for you to pull the emergency brake and ask yourself: why aren’t I prepared to give myself a merely 10-15 minutes each day to look after myself? Why is that? //Marianne