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Happy New Year!

Happy-New-Year-2015Make a conscious choice this year and skip your New Year’s resolutions. Wait until the 10th of January instead and then make your plan of action for 2015. Now you have 10 days to think about what you want, and also do a top three list of goals you want to reach within the next 12 months. New Year’s Eve is all about being grateful for the past year and time for celebration. Not setting diffuse and ill-advised goals, which are easily broken within a week. This is a classic trap that many of us have fallen into, and not just once but several times. But not this time, this time we do it right :). Happy New Year! //Marianne


Half time

DSC_5799More than half of 2013 is already gone. It is time to examine your goals. Are you on the right track, or do you need to adjust them? //Marianne



To my surprise it is already March. What happened to January and February? It is hard to believe that today is the 64th day of 2013. What has happened so far with your goals? And what has happened with my three major goals: work – relationship – health? Lets start with my health. I exercise every day, I eat three healthy meals a day and I no longer cut corners with my sleep. It is easy, it is fun and I am totally committed to change bad habits into healthy habits.

Relationships: here I have two goals. Falling in love and improving existing relationships. Falling in love is of course a process that involves one more person, and not something I can control. My goal is to be open-minded.  To say yes more often than I say no, and I’m happy to report that the yes side is leading. A good relationship needs a lot of love. When you travel a lot like I do, it is sometimes difficult to maintain your relationships. Or it used to be, nowadays there is no longer any excuse to be absent when Internet reaches most parts of the world. 2013 I have made time in my calendar for private emails once a week, Facebook a couple times a week, and postcard once a month. I also use Skype as often as possible due to different time zones.

Work: I am still working too many hours, but not as much as before and my goal is to work only Monday to Friday. I have problems reaching the targets I have set, and I am surprised. After all I am a goals specialist, and all I can say at the moment: it is an interesting experience for me not reaching my goals. I give myself this week to analyse what is not working, and why it is not working. What has happened so far with your goals? // Marianne

Good-bye and hello


Good-bye Auckland, New Zealand and hello Suva. It was great to finally fly back to my adopted country Fiji six days ago. Back to the heat and humidity, back to friends, and back to the smiling, and laughing Fijians. The last couple of days in Auckland I reflected a lot about what I learned during my six weeks there. I learnt more than I could have imagined, and it was all about my behaviour, my reactions and my belief systems. Sometimes we have to be a stranger in a new place to able to see what is not working in our lives. But also what is working, and despite my work as a mental coach I were surprised by my own findings. Personal development is one of my favourite “hobbies” but not doing anything about all my discoveries is a waste of time. I want every day to mean something to me; I want to learn new things every day. Sometimes we get more than we ask for, and that happened to me in Auckland. What a challenge it is going to be, to find new solutions to old problems. What is on your mind today? //Marianne

Thank you!

DSC_4633366 days ago I set myself a target to blog in English for 365 days. I had tried before and failed, this time failure was not an option. My work is to inspire people to live happier, more fulfilled and successful lives. Yesterday I reached my goal to blog non-stop for 365 day. Through sickness and health, through joy and sorrow my blog marianne365days has been my companion. Some days I wanted to give up, but at the end of the day it was never an option. And the reason for that are YOU. Every single day for 365 days, a kind soul has shown their appreciation of my blog. Every single day someone made me laugh, challenged my belief system and inspired me to be a better person. Some of you have even become trusted friends and I treasure our friendship. THANK YOU! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, for sharing your life with me and for all your support – I am so grateful! Now what? I will continue to blog but not every day, and I’m also thinking of new ways to inspire people around the world. Right now I’m taking a break for a few days, see you soon… Soto tale! Marianne

My life


If you woke up tomorrow and your life is exactly the way you want it to be, how is it then? //Marianne

Wedding Blues


Wedding blues is an expression used when one’s reaction is negative instead of positive, on reaching your goal. Sometimes people become a bit depressed when they finally reach their goals irrespective of whether it concerns work, health or personal life. In order to avoid this, it is important to have a long-term vision, and not just set short-term goals. Do you have a vision and what does it look like? //Marianne