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Happy New Year!

Happy-New-Year-2015Make a conscious choice this year and skip your New Year’s resolutions. Wait until the 10th of January instead and then make your plan of action for 2015. Now you have 10 days to think about what you want, and also do a top three list of goals you want to reach within the next 12 months. New Year’s Eve is all about being grateful for the past year and time for celebration. Not setting diffuse and ill-advised goals, which are easily broken within a week. This is a classic trap that many of us have fallen into, and not just once but several times. But not this time, this time we do it right :). Happy New Year! //Marianne


Whose life?

Have you ever felt like you are living someone else’s life? Most of us do at one time or another, and for a short while it is ok, but in the long run it will drain us of our energy. It is important to remember that your life belong to you, no one else own it. It is also important to remember that you deserve to live your life on your terms even if you are a parent, and in a relationship. By living an authentic life and creating your life purpose you automatically become a positive role model for your children and everybody around you. Your self-esteem will improve, you will enjoy solving any problem you are facing and you will be happier and more grateful with what you have. Whose life are you living, yours or someone else’s life? //Marianne


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Research from the U.S. shows that 90% of all sick leave is caused by stress. The following 11 tips will help you create your “perfect” balance in life. Start small and build it up until they are a part of your every day routine.

  1. Give yourself time to rest and recover every day.
  2. Work on your self-esteem as it is the foundation to perform and feel good.
  3. Spend time with the right people; people who support you and who inspires you.
  4. Stop comparing yourself with others as it has a tendency to make us unhappy, and drain our energy. Instead you should only compare your results with yourself.
  5. Dare to say no both at work and privately, it is ok to not always be available.
  6. Switch off your mobile for a while every day.
  7. Get enough sleep every night.
  8. Exercise every day.
  9. Be grateful for what you have.
  10. Set goals.
  11. Enjoy your life.
    // Marianne

 © 2012 Marianne365days – Change Your Life One Day At The Time – All Rights Reserved

Record of Success

At the end of every day answer the following questions:
What am I grateful for today?
What have I learnt today?
Which fantastic new ideas have I had today?
Start every morning by going through yesterday´s answers and act upon them. In order to reach success it is important that you act as opposed to reflecting and dreaming. //Marianne

Being grateful

Giving is much more rewarding than receiving. Make sure you give generously of yourself every day. Who would you like to give something to today?
If you would give yourself one thing today, what would it be?

Flush away

Write down everything that you are disappointed, angry or sad about on different pieces of paper. Then, cut them into small pieces and flush away! Afterwards, make a note of everything that makes you smile, happy or grateful. It doesn’t matter what it is. Before you fall asleep read the list slowly and carefully. The first thing you do when you wake up is to read through the list again. Keep adding to the list everything that makes you happy, or grateful. Remember to write the date on the list so that you can quickly see how your positive attitude changes with time. //Marianne

Thank you all!

For the past few months I have met so many amazing people through my blog. Today I would like to thank you all. Thank you for all the likes, and for all the kind words! Thank you for showing me your blog. Funny blogs, serious blogs, artblogs, travelblogs, photoblogs, foodblogs, healthblogs, leadershipblogs, poetryblogs  and blogs about your life. I enjoy every one of them, I read them all and every week I learn something new. I’m sorry that I don’t always have the time to make a comment, even though I want to. Thank you for following my blog!
When I visited Dave’s blog, “A second cup” the other day, I suddenly I saw my blog on his blogroll. I had no idea, and it was a wonderful surprise that made me very happy. Thank you Dave! Dave blogs about life and Chicago Cubs. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog!  I’m very grateful and very happy to be part of this wonderful world, a world full of friendly people. Thank you! //Marianne