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To my surprise it is already March. What happened to January and February? It is hard to believe that today is the 64th day of 2013. What has happened so far with your goals? And what has happened with my three major goals: work – relationship – health? Lets start with my health. I exercise every day, I eat three healthy meals a day and I no longer cut corners with my sleep. It is easy, it is fun and I am totally committed to change bad habits into healthy habits.

Relationships: here I have two goals. Falling in love and improving existing relationships. Falling in love is of course a process that involves one more person, and not something I can control. My goal is to be open-minded.  To say yes more often than I say no, and I’m happy to report that the yes side is leading. A good relationship needs a lot of love. When you travel a lot like I do, it is sometimes difficult to maintain your relationships. Or it used to be, nowadays there is no longer any excuse to be absent when Internet reaches most parts of the world. 2013 I have made time in my calendar for private emails once a week, Facebook a couple times a week, and postcard once a month. I also use Skype as often as possible due to different time zones.

Work: I am still working too many hours, but not as much as before and my goal is to work only Monday to Friday. I have problems reaching the targets I have set, and I am surprised. After all I am a goals specialist, and all I can say at the moment: it is an interesting experience for me not reaching my goals. I give myself this week to analyse what is not working, and why it is not working. What has happened so far with your goals? // Marianne


My life


If you woke up tomorrow and your life is exactly the way you want it to be, how is it then? //Marianne

Chronic stress


Did you know that your brain is built to deal with stress that lasts about 30 seconds? It is not built for long-term stress. Chronic stress damages your memory, executive functions and your immune system. It also creates scares in your blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or a stroke. Another important fact: stressed brains don’t learn the same way as non-stressed brains do. What are you reasons for stressing? Do you still think it is worth it? //Marianne

Facts about stress: Brain rules by John Medina.


DSC_4796To reach your professional and private goals it’s important to not get caught up in the small stuff. Instead you need to prioritize, stay focused and always keep the eye on the price. Don’t waste time by getting sidetracked by low priority issues that push you further away from your goals. //Marianne



In order to be successful it is essential to have a positive self-image. This is all about how you see yourself, how you value yourself and the feelings you have when you think about yourself. Our inner dialogue is also an important part of our self-image. A first step to improving this could be by asking; ‘How do I see myself?’ //Marianne

Mental training

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Most of us have a too high base tension in our body, which can lead to aches and fatigue. By regularly exercising muscular relaxation, and mental relaxation you have the energy to do more and perform better. The stress hormone cortical also drops with inner mental training. //Marianne



Have you ever thought about your own values? What you really believe in and stand for? Life is lived from the inside out. Your values are what make you the person you are, and when we live our lives according to our values we live in the best of the worlds. That is why it is crucial to take the time to think through what you really believe in, and care about in every area of your life. Work, relationships, health, finance etcetera. It is also important that they are your own, not your partners, parents, friends or church’s values.
What are your values?
What is important for you?
What do you believe in?
What makes you feel good?
Write these questions down on separate cards and make notes for the next seven days. Evaluate, and use them the next time you set your goals. //Marianne