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DSC_5903“All men dream, but not all equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake to find it was all vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make things happen,” T.E. Lawrence.
I apologize for my absent, I long to be able to post both short and long articles but my right shoulder, and arm needs a rest to be able to heal. I am here in spirit and I hope to be back very soon in writing as well. I will also answer your comments as soon as possible. Until then, take care of yourself! //Marianne




To my surprise it is already March. What happened to January and February? It is hard to believe that today is the 64th day of 2013. What has happened so far with your goals? And what has happened with my three major goals: work – relationship – health? Lets start with my health. I exercise every day, I eat three healthy meals a day and I no longer cut corners with my sleep. It is easy, it is fun and I am totally committed to change bad habits into healthy habits.

Relationships: here I have two goals. Falling in love and improving existing relationships. Falling in love is of course a process that involves one more person, and not something I can control. My goal is to be open-minded.  To say yes more often than I say no, and I’m happy to report that the yes side is leading. A good relationship needs a lot of love. When you travel a lot like I do, it is sometimes difficult to maintain your relationships. Or it used to be, nowadays there is no longer any excuse to be absent when Internet reaches most parts of the world. 2013 I have made time in my calendar for private emails once a week, Facebook a couple times a week, and postcard once a month. I also use Skype as often as possible due to different time zones.

Work: I am still working too many hours, but not as much as before and my goal is to work only Monday to Friday. I have problems reaching the targets I have set, and I am surprised. After all I am a goals specialist, and all I can say at the moment: it is an interesting experience for me not reaching my goals. I give myself this week to analyse what is not working, and why it is not working. What has happened so far with your goals? // Marianne

Once more


If you were to re-live today, what would you do differently? If you were to re-live the last 7 days, what would you do differently? If you were to re-live the last 31 days, what would you have done differently? Sometimes we need to take a break and reflect on how we live our lives. It’s a good idea to set aside a few hours every 3 months for this. Would you have done anything differently if you could have re-lived today, this week or this month? And if so, what would you have done? //Marianne

The power of laughing


The more we laugh the better we feel, and when we laugh really hard the air can fly out of our mouth at over 100 km per hour. Laughter binds people together, it is very contagious and it is difficult to stay angry when you hear someone laugh. It also boosts the immune system, relax the muscles, lower the stress levels and decreases pain. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old English proverb. I would like to change it to an apple a day and lots of laughter keeps the doctor away. //Marianne

Mental training

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Most of us have a too high base tension in our body, which can lead to aches and fatigue. By regularly exercising muscular relaxation, and mental relaxation you have the energy to do more and perform better. The stress hormone cortical also drops with inner mental training. //Marianne

Getting fit


Before I went to Fiji I had set several goals for myself. One was to reduce my workload; another one to write a book, actual several books, and one was to get physical fit. Meet the man that makes me sweat, laugh and scream of frustration; Tadeo Vulaca fitness expert and rugby player.
-Did you believe I was going to come back to the gym after our first training session I asked him before Christmas. No, he said. What Tadeo didn’t know was that when I set a goal, when I have made up my mind to reach something, I always follow it through. I might complain every now and again, but I never give up. Three years working as a fitness expert with a diploma in sport science from Fiji national university, a degree mixing theory and practical segments for two years, I have met my match. A professional fitness expert who will get me physical fit. Rugby is the number 1 sport in Fiji, and rugby is played everywhere. In every village, and even though most of the players are men, there are women playing the sport. Going to the gym is a completely different story. Seeing locals, and especially local Fijian women in the gym is a rare sight. Most of Tadeo’s clients are expats, and most are women.
-Women are not afraid to ask for help getting fit, while many men think they already know everything about being healthy, or are too scared to admit that they need help. Mostly having expats as clients is a problem as they only live temporarily in Suva, even though some of them stay for several years.

– The best way to get fit is cardio exercise: jogging, walking, swimming or even gardening. Weight machines are used to tone up your body, he tells me. Give me your top three tips for getting fit, I ask him.
1. Be confident that you can achieve your goals.
2. Train hard twice a week for 45 minutes.
3. Enjoy yourself. If you don’t enjoy yourself while you exercise it will be hard to reach your goals.
What about losing weight, I ask.
-The best way to lose weight is interval training, which involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts. Your top three tips, thanks.
1. No pain, no gain – there are no shortcuts to losing weight.
2. Don’t give up; sometimes it takes a while before you can see the results so don’t give up. It will come.
3. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fish.
-It is very important that you are confident and believe you can do it, he explains to me. Without the confidence it is harder, but it is my job to motivate my clients to reach their goals. My goal is always to help my clients reach their goals, he says with a big smile.

And how does Tadeo stay fit: he exercises five times a week with Poasa Qiri, a former rugby player. Poasa trains a group young men that he believes have a lot of potential to become great rugby players. On top of that, he also runs and does weights on his own and play rugby. He is Fijian after all. What about me? I have met a fitness expert who in a short time has made me stronger, and who makes me believe I can get fit. He also makes me laugh, and I truly enjoy our workouts. Not living in Suva at the moment is no excuse for me not exercising. Tadeo has of course given me a program for me to use at the local gym in Auckland, New Zealand. No shortcuts, I know that. But I desperately miss laughing during my workout. Who would have thought that, not me. // Marianne

If you want to get in contact with Tadeo Vulaca, you find him at Metro Fitness in Suva or you can send him an email: winger_14@ymail.com.
Note: The population of Fiji is mostly made up of native Fijians, (54.3%), and Indo-Fijians (38.1%). The Indo-Fijians are descendants of Indian contract labourers brought to the islands by the British colonial powers in the 19th century. Fijians play rugby, while Indo-Fijians play soccer. Fiji is a great rugby nation and many Fijian players plays professional rugby in Australia, New Zealand, France and England.

Happy New Year


As we close the chapter on 2012, and open a new one tomorrow, it is time to reflect on the year that was and the lessons we learnt. Today it is time to reflect and at the same time be grateful for the past 12 months. Some of you have endured a lot of hardship, others have enjoyed success, and some a mix of both. No matter what your story is, if you are still alive you have a lot to be grateful for. If you also have a home, food, friends and a family you have even more to be appreciative about.

Today is not the day of grand promises. New Years Eve is actually the worst day of the year to promise yourself or others to lose weight, stop smoking or buying a membership to the gym. We have a tendency to break the promises we make on New Years Eve within a week or two, sometimes even the next day. This usually starts a vicious circle of guilt, shame and inner negative talking. Today is about taking time to look back at the year that was. Being thankful, and celebrate the new year that lies ahead of us. Tomorrow is a better time to make grandiose promises. An even better idea is to spend an hour every day for the next seven days and set inspiring goals for you to reach 2013.
Thank you for all the joy, and inspiration you have given me during 2012. I wish you a Happy New Year filled with love, success and prosperity! //Marianne