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Do it the Snoopy way

IMG_7658Start the week in a great way, and do as Snoopy; keep calm and dance with a big smile on your face. Rise and shine, I promise that the dance will be good both for your body and your soul. Have a smashing Monday! // Marianne


Mental training

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Red dancer by Barry Lett

Most of us have a too high base tension in our body, which can lead to aches and fatigue. By regularly exercising muscular relaxation, and mental relaxation you have the energy to do more and perform better. The stress hormone cortical also drops with inner mental training. //Marianne

Four funerals and one wedding – grief part 3

2001 was not a good year for my family. Death knocked on our door nine times over a period of 10 months. Two family members, one cousin and seven very close friends died. Today is my father’s birthday, and I still miss him but the acute grief is long gone. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if it had been four weddings and one funeral instead of the other way around. Would I have changed career, and gone back to school to study mental training, become a life- and business coach and a grief counsellor? Would I even have been living in Stockholm or in Sweden? No, no, no, no and no but I am convinced my father would still have had a say both in terms of my career, and my choice of residence. He was both my friend and my personal advisers in areas as diverse as finance, career, art, wine and men

The grief was great, and the pain cut like fire through my body when my father died. My mother, my brother and I sat by his side the last three days of his life, which he spent in the hospital. Many friends came by to take a last farewell of my father even though he was no longer conscious. But also to support us in our sorrow. Others we kept up to date over the phone. At lunchtime on the third day we had to phone our close friends and say: no more visits. Time was running out, and all hope was gone. The last couple of hours were just ours, my mother’s, my brother’s and mine.We sat at my father’s side when he took his last breath, and it was a gift to be present when he died. It was at that moment that I realized that death is not scary, it just is.

Four funerals and one wedding later, I crashed. The trigger was a song by Celine Dion on the radio; do not ask me what she sang, I have no idea. By now I was afraid to answer the phone, it felt like every time it rang I got news of another person that had died. After six months of extreme stress and grief, plus arranging two funerals I was on the verge of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I cried, I went to therapy and I started studying mental training. A few years later I decided to add grief counsellor to my resume, and it was then everything clicked and I got my emotional healing. 2001 was a bad year for myself and for my family, but life goes on. Several close friends and family members have died since then, and every time it feels like my heart is going to break. It is natural that we continue to miss those who have died, but life does not get any worse because we experience many losses, nor does it get any better. I cannot say that I have grown as a person because of all my sorrow, but I have learned how to manage it. It is important to get emotional healing to be able to see the beauty in life, and most days I do. I am also happy with most of the choices I have made in my life. Dad, I love you and I miss you! Happy Birthday! // Love Marianne

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Mental Strength Training

I am a trained mental trainer, which is the basis of my professional life. A principle of mental training is that the word impossible, is impossible to use about the future. This means that the word impossible can only be used for what has already happened, ie the past. What we really mean when we use the word impossible is that the methods we used earlier were impossible. If we choose to use the word impossible about the future, we will give up before we have even tried. We won’t try the alternative roads and methods that might be able to show that something is possible in the future. It’s an important part of our attitude to be able to say that I WILL NEVER use the word impossible about the future. //Marianne


It is important to get to know yourself, and to build up your self-image, as well as your  self-esteem. People with good self-esteem don’t take feedback as personal criticism and are seldom involved in conflicts. When your self-esteem is good you dare to do more, and in turn get more out of life. On a scale from 1–5, where 5 = very good self-esteem, and 1 = no self -esteem at all. Where do you land? //Marianne

People are very kind to me, and today I would like to say a big thank you to Ryanka of Starseed Babbles for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I am very grateful for all the kindness and attention I receive and I happily accept the award. I would also like to thank all of you for taking your time to visit my blog, and for all your fantastic comments. You are the best!  //Marianne
I’m going to tell you 3 things about me and then nominate 3 amazing blogs.

1. I am a trained mental trainer, which means that I sometimes work with golfers, and sometimes with other athletes as well. In Sweden it is very common to use mental training both in the corporate world and in school.

2. I love Caesar salad and I am “obsessed” with finding the perfect one. Wherever I go in Sweden, or abroad I eat Caesar salad at least once. The best one so far is served at an Italian restaurant in Stockholm.

3. Every day I set aside time to daydream. Some of my dreams are wild and crazy, but I can usually find an embryo in my daydreams to a new goal that I want to reach.
It’s my pleasure to nominate 3 amazing blogs for the Beautiful Blogger Award from Australia, Ecuador and America. Enjoy!


Listen and learn

A few years ago I was asked by a business organization to talk to a group of young entrepreneur’s about motivation, leadership and goal achievement. They were also eager to help them. I spent five hours with 20 girls and boys, no one older than 19 years. I walked away from our meeting full of inspiration, and with a big smile on my face. Their business ideas were brilliant, they had done a lot of research of their respective market and they were full of confidence. Some of them still needed to figure out a few problems, but they looked forward to the challenge. The essence of my two-page report to the business organization was: listen and learn. Do not assume things, older is not always better and dare to look at things from a new angle. Did they listen? No, in their world it was an impossible thought that a 16 year old girl could run a business by herself, and do it well. None of the 20 girls and boys asked the business organization for any help, and my report ended up in a drawer. Older is not always better. Instead of letting our experience help us, sometimes it stops us from trying due to fear of failing. When that happens, we let our fears dictate our lives. How often do you really listen to a teenager, or say someone under the age of 22? Listen and learn…
Tomorrow you will meet Erica who is blogging from LA. I have known Erica for many years. She grew up in Stockholm and she is an extraordinaire young woman, only 20 years old. That is why I have asked her to be a guest blogger once a fortnight. I’m calling her segments “Erica’s corner”. //Marianne