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From a wall in New York close to Little Italy. I absolutely love it! Do you? Does anyone know who did it and why? //MarianneIMG_5570





DSC_5903“All men dream, but not all equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake to find it was all vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make things happen,” T.E. Lawrence.
I apologize for my absent, I long to be able to post both short and long articles but my right shoulder, and arm needs a rest to be able to heal. I am here in spirit and I hope to be back very soon in writing as well. I will also answer your comments as soon as possible. Until then, take care of yourself! //Marianne

Happy Easter!


“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude,” Oprah Winfrey.

Happy Easter from Stockholm! Marianne



Do you know your true passions? Or are you stuck with old ones that might not fit in with your life today? As we grow mentally and emotionally our passions hopefully grows as well, but sometimes we get stuck in “yesterday”. Our passion suddenly feels tired and lifeless. If that is the case it might be time to shift your focus to something else, or maybe you have to adjust them a bit. Take your passions to a higher, and improved level. It is important to be passionate about things in life, as it gives our lives meaning and it is also very contagious. Passion creates more passions. The best way to find what you are passionate about is to experience different things, give them a chance and then evaluate. That is actually the only way to find out if you are passionate about something. What would you like to try today that might be tomorrow’s passion? //Marianne

Around the corner


For those of us who celebrates Christmas it is time to count down the hours to our festive season. To all of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, you can do today’s exercise as well. Today I’m challenging you to think of a gift to yourself. A gift that will last for a long time, something that makes you wake up with a smile on your face. Can you think of a gift that would do this? What could it be? //Marianne


A week ago I got a heartfelt welcome when I arrived to the tropical paradise of Fiji. It started with a nice drive in the countryside, and ended up with a Kava ceremony. Kava is a big part of Fijian culture, and it is a way of welcoming visitors and also bond over storytelling. Kava is an infusion from a pepper plant, looks like muddy water and makes you tongue go furry. There are certain protocols to be followed at a kava ceremony, like sitting cross-legged, facing the large wooden bowl of Kava called the tanoa. Do not walk across the circle of participants, turn your back or point your feet at the tanoa. If you need to leave, say “chillo” which means excuse me. The dried and powdered root is mixed with water, and it is served in a coconut shell, the bilo. Clap once, accept the bilo and say “bula” which literary means life. Drink it all at once, and clap three times in gratification. The drink will be shared until the tanoa is empty. What a way to make me feel welcome! Bula to all my new friends in Fiji, and bula to all my friends around the world. When was the last time you welcomed a stranger into your life? //Marianne

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The best of plans

One of the best things about travelling is that things seldom turn out the way you expect. Yesterday I had a long list of things I wanted to do, and my map was full of instructions from the friendly hotel staff. After a while I realised I was chasing the dragon’s tail without any luck, because I was going in the opposite direction. For once it was not me who read the map the wrong way, the instructions were actually wrong. By now I was famished and very dehydrated, it was time for a late lunch. The first restaurant I walked past I didn’t like, the second one turned out to be a private strip club. I am not sure why I thought it was a restaurant, and no, I am not going to give you the address. If you want to glare at naked women you have to find the place yourself. Suddenly I found a restaurant that looked nice, and where everybody were fully clothed. Happily I went inside just to be told I had to sit in the basement because I was alone. Single, or not single I am not a person who accepts to sit in the basement. I refused; they tried to make me change my mind. I refused again and after a lengthy talk between the headwaiter and the manager I got a table. In the corner, but with a nice view. With a pot of tea at my disposal I was ready to read the menu and order myself a feast of Chinese food. Oh dear, it turned out I had picked one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong and it is priced there after. This is one of my hidden talents, picking the best restaurants without any inside information and also finding the cleanest toilets around the world. There were many dishes I wanted to order from the menu, and a few I didn’t want to eat like “shredded snake thick soup or braised king eel hot pot”. Being Swedish I normally eat eel, but just in small pieces together with other food, not as an entire meal. In the end it was my wallet that picked the cheapest dish, which was “steamed cured goose liver sausage and cured pork sausage”. The restaurant is famous for its handmade sausages so it was I good choice. Did I like it? Nnnjaa… Did I regret my choice of restaurant? Absolutely not, it was a new experience and I love making “mistakes” like this. Eventually I also found one of the places I wanted to see, the outdoor wet market at Graham Street. The place where the food is so fresh it is still alive. Live fish is sliced lengthways, their exposed hearts left beating on the slab. Some people think this is shocking but not me. Instead it reminded me of my grandfather, and how we used to go fishing every summer until I realized teenage boys were more interested. Poor granddad, I think I broke his heart the year I turned 15. No, we do not slice the fish lengthways in Sweden but I know what to do with a fish that is still alive.  The day started with a very long list, and at the end of the day I could delete one thing from it. I wonder what will happen today, I cannot wait to see. //Marianne

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